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By Adrian Kabat | My projects | 17 Jun 2021

Hi Guys !


I want to introduce you to a completely new link shortener

and if you are active in social media or in affiliation, this shortener is just for you !

I am the owner of this link shortener and made it for affiliate and social activities.

First of all, you can be sure that no social media like Facebook will block your link.

As we know, and it often happens, facebook blocks links from various shorteners, considering them a threat.

Here it is not possible to block the link using the settings I have set!

I would like to add that the first subscription for 7 days is free and, depending on the package, other functions are payable.




Link to the shortener ---> TRIPLINK

1. Easy to use

2. Direct Redirect, Flame or Splash

3. Possibility to make welcome pages

4. Possibility to make overlay pages

5. Two languages: Polish and English

6. Ability to add your own domain to the shortener

7. The ability to create teams / teams is a good option for several companies that would be able to share links without the need to send. In addition, the option is that you can assign appropriate roles in the team to each member.

8. Create your own profile with links, Flame or Splash banners. Perfect for BIO, e.g. Instagram.

9. Continuous statistics, all analyzed on a regular basis

10. The TRIPLINK website is NOT blocked by any Social Media. About 20 additional domains will be added to the shortener in the near future.

11. API for developers, integration with Zapier and the like.

12. The shortener is free for 7 days of trial. Additional packages can be purchased.


These are just some of the options that the shortener has, and it is even more extensive than it is described. You will find a lot of possibilities there because I am constantly improving it.

I am an affiliate myself and I know what it is like when the media blocks your links. I overcame this barrier and I count on your support in my further projects on which I am working.


I am counting on your support to help my projects develop even more!





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My projects
My projects

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