By DeanK. | My football predictions | 11 Jun 2021

Finally the EURO is here. After year of postponing we are back. Football is back and the partying season can start.

I will try to give my opinions and thought every day for the upcoming games and I do apologize if I miss a day or two but I will give my best not to. I will try to predict the places of each team in their respective groups and also the correct scores for each game.


Group A
Here I think that there will be a surprise in the first place as I am predicting Turkey to go on top. They are in a good for recently and have a good squad. Italy will surely go in the next round so I think that they will be second and I am predicting a surprise also in Wales as in third place. No disrespect to Swiss but I think that they will finish last with 0 wins.

Group B

Here I think that is it going to be clear who is going to be first place. Belgium are a favorites to reach at least the semi finals so they should be clear on top. Denmark have also a good team so I think that they will be second and Russia will be third. Even with Pukki I think that they wont make it past the group stage.


Group C

Netherlands are clear favorites here and they should have no problems with topping the group. I am going with a surprise here at second with Macedonia making one win and one draw ( I am from Macedonia so I am hoping for a miracle have to be honest :D ). Third place here will go to Ukraine, they have a good team and plus there is not that great atmosphere in the Austrian camp so that may affect them in finishing last.



Group D

This is an interesting group and I think that England wont be first in the group mainly due to Southgate's lack of tactical knowledge. He made some questionable choices with all those right backs, and not finding a place for Ward-Prowse and maybe Lingard who are both on form and bringing Henderson who has not played a game in months. Many say he has leadership capabilities, but I just don't see them in Hendo, only shouting and pretending to know to play but just passing the ball sideways.  I think that is why Croatia is going to beat them in the first game and take the top of the group. England will go in as second and Czech as in third although they have a good team and there may be some surprises here. Scotland also have a good team and I may be wrong here about how the teams are going to finish so if I have a change to be wrong, I am using it here :D


Group E

I am not satisfied with the Spain team and I am a little disappointed to be honest. But I think that somehow they will manage to get the first place. I have my doubts between Poland and Sweden, they look pretty much even to me and who ever wins their game will be second. There is not that much that the Slovakians can do except maybe a surprise win just to stir things up in the group



Group F
Also know as the group of death. Here everything is hard to predict. I will just say that I thing Hungary will shock one of the other 3 teams and win against them.  I think France is the wise choice to go top of the group with Portugal as second and mainly due to goal difference. 


And of the third place team I think that Wales, Russia, Czech and Poland will qualify. I am going for a surprise elimination on Germany, but I may be wrong because they are the only team that you should not write off. 


Turkey - Italy 

For todays game I am going with a clear show of power and desire from the Turkish team and I think that they will win easily. I like the Italian team, I like their passion when they play for their country and how everyone is during their national anthem, but there is something missing in the team. And I don't think that Mancini can lead them to glory.


That is my prediction of the group stages and also on todays game. Feel free to leave your comments below and I am looking forward to discussing with you about the games. Lets hope that we have a great tournament ahead of us.


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My football predictions
My football predictions

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