EURO Round of 16 Day 1

By DeanK. | My football predictions | 26 Jun 2021

Now comes the most interesting part of the tournament. I guessed some groups correctly and some not that much. But lets try to predict this games as precisely as I can. Let's start with today

Wales - Denmark

Wales showed some great games and Denmark really recovered from what happened in the first game. This should be an even and interesting game and hopefully a lot of goals. I think that Wales will go trough this one, don't know why but I have this gut feeling so I am going to go with it. My prediction 2:1


Italy - Austria

Italy were simply amazing. Austria was great against Ukraine but not that convincing against Macedonia. And also not the great against Netherland. And if you add that Italy is a lot better than the ones mentioned before, well the winner should be clear here. I tough that the Italy team was not going to do great, but now I may even say that they have a chance of winning it. My prediction 3:0


Hope that you all have great day and enjoy great football. Feel free to leave your opinions below.

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My football predictions
My football predictions

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