welcome to ice city

We stand over the snow  mountain looking down on ice city I turn to lieutenant megs and point down to great  city of ice  and the extreme buildings made of  solid ice and snow in the distance.
We all walk slowly down the  ice mountain towards the road  which is filled with deep cold show.  The horses struggle down  towards the city and  reach the ice gates that control the entry into the city.

I turn lieutenant megs and point out these great gates  which  stand in front of us  and reach high into the  cold winter sky.  Two figures suddenly appear at the gates and look at  us with intense  smile on the faces.  The figures are  people made of ice  and they  point at us to stand back from the great gates that lead to the city
We move back and the gates open and  ice  warriors  stand at  the side of each gate holding weapons  and telling us to move quickly through the gates  and  through inside the city.
At that point we can hear  a loud  cry in the distance and the gates  quickly close. I look round with horror to see  a large figure coming towards us in the distance  which looks like a ice  large dragon which reaches high into the sky.

We are then taken to a  large room in the city  and locked inside whilst  shouting and loud banging can be heard whilst we all  sit and wonder what will happen to us in the  city of ice.

written by wayne mockler
ownership copyright  wayne mockler

  ice city extreme

We walk out into the cold icy day  and see all the ice people looking at us with a very cold stare whilst we hurry along the  ice paths.  I turn towards lieutenant megs and point towards a lake frozen over  nearby.
The horses tell us to follow them and we  slowly walk along the frozen lake and into a secluded forest way from the ice city.  After walking a few miles we find a secluded  cave of ice and settle down  for  a time to rest. 
After a few hours we wake up and walk through the snow forest to look for a way out.  We all walk  far into  this frozen forest and see  figures in the distance  that look like animals. 
I stand and look in terror to see they are and to my horror they are  wolves made of ice looking at us with a glare of terror in their cold eyes.  I tell lieutenant megs to walk slowly and keep close the horses whilst the wolves crawl along ready to jump on our bodies. 
The wolves follow us with intense  and towards a  wall of ice  and corner us  with their frozen tongues.  We both jump onto the horses backs and we ride over the wall and into  a frozen  garden which leads to a large building in the distance

We walk slowly towards the  building and see a show covered roof with ice walls all around it. A man made of ice  appears at the door of the building  with a stick of ice  and point us to go though.

The horses lead us through the door  and we all follow the  man  into a large room with a table made of snow  and  a throne of ice at the front of the room. I turn to  lieutenant megs and  she looks in amazement at the splendour of this palace of  ice.
We are all taken into this room to rest  and told to lay on ice beds whilst we sit and think about  what we have  come into and what our fate will be in the strange place
written by wayne mockler
ownership  copyright wayne mockler

  journey to snow mountain

We all wake up in this great palace of ice and look around for the man to appear. I turn towards lieutenant megs to comfort her and the ice figure appears in strange clothing dressed like a wizard.

He stands  in front of us and says he is the ice wizard and wants to leads us through the ice forest  towards a place called snow mountain.

We all walk out through the palace and into the cold winter of the ice world.  The wizard tells us to follow him down a pathway of ice towards the gates of frozen eternity.

I start to walk along the path with lieutenant megs and the horses following the ice wizard  moving through ice trees with  snow leaves hanging down from our heads. 

The wizard leads us through the path towards the gate of eternity  and we all enter into the  core of the ice forest.  I turn towards lieutenant megs and comfort her with protective arms. 

We all walk through the forest  being lead by the wizard of  ice and into the cauldron of terror.  Walking through the forest of snow  we hear sounds coming deep  from the forest  depths  and see a large figure coming towards us.

The wizard tells us to run fast towards  an ice covering in the forest because the ice dragon has seen us.  We  hide in the  forest  and are protected by the horses force field until the ice  dragon has passed  .  The wizard warns us if the dragon see us we will be frozen by the dragons fire of ice  and never return home.

After a few minutes  we move on through the ice forest  and reach the gate of snow mountain but see other figures  watching us in the cold  sun of ice city.  The figures appear to be  ice  bears  with large ice teeth and green eyes  glare at our bodies with extreme intent

The ice wizard gives us a special key of ice to  open the gates but we struggle to open it because the lock is frozen stiff with the ice. The horses blow hot air from their mouths onto the key and it glows red  and ready  to  open the gates.  We enter into snow mountain and see  mystical place of ice beauty snow covered landscape.

The wizard waves to us  goodbye saying  be very aware and tells the horses to protect us from the perils of snow mountain  The wizard then waves at us and moves up into the frozen sky flying across the ice cold  sky and back to his home at ice palace.

We look up at ice mountain before laying down  and resting  wondering what will happen to us while we move up the  massive mountain of snow  that leads high above the clouds and into space

written by wayne mockler
ownership  copyright wayne mockler

  terror to the top of snow mountain

We start our slow walk  up the mountain walking through the cold snow which pushes against our body and cold flows  across our  frozen faces. 

I turn towards lieutenant megs and  hold her  while we push through a  vicious wind of  ice that is pushing from the top of the mountain.  After a few minutes  we notice something in the distance  looking towards us  and hide behind  a  snow covered rock.

The figures start to get closer and the horses turn on their force field  to protect us.  The figures start to  push past and notice they are  snow tigers but  with only two legs and walking like  people. 

They look around  with their  yellow eyes  watching and waiting for any sudden move and with their  large teeth and ready to pounce on anything that moves. 

We stagger back in shock when one of the tigers starts to talk  and say  nothing around lets move.  They then  creep behind some trees and sniff the earth before moving on down  snow mountain. 

We tremble with fear whilst their bodies walk down the  snowy path  watching intense for any sudden movement.  After a few minutes we start to move again and walk further up the snow  infested mountain.

The  weather suddenly starts to get  colder  and snow pours down from the skies  getting more colder and starting to Freeze. At that point a dark black cloud starts to form in the sky  and pushes towards us at great speed. 

The horses turn on the force field  whilst  dark figures  fly  across our  heads  grabbing at us and trying to pull us  into the sky.  The figures are  ice ghosts and are trying to pull us under the snow  and deep into the mountain

After a few minutes the  figures  disappear into the snow surface  and away from sight.  The horses turn the force field on  and we rest  for a few hours wondering what horrors we are going to see next walking up snow mountain

written by wayne mockler
ownership and copyright wayne mockler

  horror at the top of snow mountain

We walk slowly up the mountain and feel the cold snow hitting our faces and bodies. After a while we push towards the top of  snow mountain and  see some more figures in the distance. 
The horses tell us to stop whilst they go and investigate on the other side of the mountain.  I turn to  lieutenant megs  and hold her tight whilst the  full force of the snow hits us  trying to push us over the mountains edge. 

At that point we notice the  ice dragon watching over from  a snow peak and hide  inside a hole full of snow whilst it moves across looking for us with intensity in its eyes.  The snow dragon then moves along and disappears  down the mountain. 
The horses come back and tell us to move quickly  across the far side of  snow mountain.  We quickly run along the snows edge of the mountain but looking back  we can see figures coming closer to us.

I turn to lieutenant megs and point out with horror  we are been followed by hundreds  werewolves  with their fangs dripping  with sweat  and evil eyes glaring through the  cold  snow. 

We quickly run towards a  large  rope bridge  moving from side to side on the  mountains edge.  The horses tell us to move quickly with the werewolves shouting  in a menacing voice to stop. 

The horses walk across the rope bridge  and we both follow behind them. The bridge starts to sway and looking down we can see  a frozen lake below  thousand of miles  down.  I hold onto  lieutenant megs and we  stumble across with  in our hearts in our mouths  and  the terror  werewolves watching from the other side.
After we get across the other side  we notice  a  cave at the top of the mountain and walk towards it with uncertainty. The cave door opens  and  a room appears  and we all walk into it. 

At that moment the cave door shuts and we transported into the mountains core and enter deep through the mountain.  After a few minutes the door opens and we are trapped inside the mountain and deep underground.

We  notice  a large number of doors inside the mountain  leading to a large maze of uncertainty. The horses tell us to stop and rest while they find a way to escape from the mountains grip.

written by wayne mockler
ownership copyright wayne mockler


  horror inside snow mountain

We look around the cold and damp  snow mountain cave an notice a  doorway into another mystery room I turn  to lieutenant megs and point out this strange room and we all walk towards it. 

The temperature starts to get really cold and the horses push the door  and we are met with a fantastic strange new world of snow and ice. 

We walk through the doorway and into a cold new world of  ice rock  and gravel snow everywhere.  After walking a few moments we notice a large cave made of ice  and figures of ice men  stood inside the ice cave.

I turn to  lieutenant megs and point out they are  prehistoric people from a distant age made of ice.  We walk for a while and notice  prehistoric  ice people all around the cave looking at us with their intense cold stare and eyes  that  look through us. 

The  horses tell us walk  on through the cave and we come to an opening that leads to a frozen lake  and ice trees standing deep into  the cold winter sky of snow. 

In the distance we can see  large figures moving around the cold frozen surface.  a prehistoric  animal can be seen in the distance  and l turn to lieutenant megs and hold her tight  whilst her body shakes with fear and her eyes are wide open in terror. 

The horses tell us to run back to the cave  whilst we are been followed by a frozen  prehistoric Tyrannosaurus rex  chasing us at high speed with its jaws  dripping down and frozen ice smile.

We run into  the cave and face  hundreds of prehistoric  ice people who carry us to a small frozen room of horror and  place in chains made of ice and  prehistoric clothing. 

We all sit in terror  in a small frozen cave wondering what will happen to us and what horror we will face when the frozen sun sets while the horses figure out a plan to escape.

written by wayne mockler
ownership and copyright wayne mockler



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