tortured by the evil cave goblins from hell

We walk around the green corridors  of the Victorian jail  looking for a means of escape  until the light suddenly flicker to a bright light setting us free from the corridor  of capture. Our army then quickly run down towards the lower cells and see lots of the humans screaming for help. 

At that moment the silver  prince notice the ghostly creatures swirling about the humans heads throwing  fire balls at their  shocked minds of torture.  We  quickly run down and fight the evil spirts  with the silver knights swords of bravery. 

The horses then spot a large  doorway in the cold blue prison  and push it open pulling our shocked bodies inside for safety.  I  hold a shocked luitenant megs  in my arms  while the humans follow us inside the gigantic sports hall of safety  from the evil  Victorian horrors outside.

A gawping silver prince then looks around the  sports arena and notices  strange glass images on the  walls above our shocked minds.  The silver then screams out in terror when he notices  the figures of goblins on the deadly walls of horror. 

We all try and escape the  sports hall of torture but the  door suddenly  transforms into a deadly red dragon which stands looking at the  silver knights trembling bodies.  At that moment a thousand  goblin figures emerge from the glowing white wall  and stand looking at our shaking bodies of torture. 

The humans scream in terror when the sports  hall suddenly turns into  a big  dark cave glowing with gold on the walls of evil.  We all huddle  together scared and terrified while the blue goblins  use a long red rope to tie up the terrified humans of torture.

I hold and cuddle a shocked luitent megs while the goblins evil gloating mouths eye up her  pure body of torture.  The creature then drag us towards a large red  cage of capture while the humans are taken towards a large black table of torture  near their cauldron of horror brewing in the  cave from hell

We all sit in the dark cage of horror while the goblins of hate drag a few humans towards the  black table of torture.  The horses shout and scream at the evil goblins of horror while they  grab hold a a human  couple for torture. 

The small creatures of evil then strap a screaming  Victorian  woman onto the dark table of torture.  A shocked silver prince then pulls at the bars of capture to try and free the lady from hell.

All of a sudden the goblins notice the silver prince  and his army banging on the steel bars of capture and  jabs their tired bodies with a long brown pole of hatred.  The woman in her Victorian clothing  then scream when tow of the evil goblins dance upon her  flowered  skirt while a shocked luitent megs beams with anger upon her  blustery face.

The evil goblins then grab and pull at her  skirt causing it to rip  exposing her  long  long white panties to the other evil looking goblins of torture.  At that  moment the other  goblin creature  pulls off her old grey blouse leaving her in long panties and a thick corset.

Her male companion then vows revenge towards the  animals while they  unbutton her corset and slide her thick white  panties down  with giggles of evil.  The horses then scream with anger at the  goblins  gross behaviour  while another stands over her naked screaming body with a long sword of terror. 

I turn away an angry luitent megs eyes of horror  when the blue  goblin chops her body apart from head to toe  with gigantic golden  sword of evil  while the other man screams for mercy.  The man is then stripped of his  grey suit and  white underpants while the creatures crowd around for a look of evil.

We al listen the his pitiful screams of stop  until a small  goblin  creature with a jagged knife  cuts of his  penis and balls with a sharp quick swipe of torture.  The silver prince and his army the weep  with anger when the goblins put his  genitals in a large cauldron  with the internal parts of the cut open woman. 

Our army then lay in the  cell of capture while  the goblins dance around a glowing  red fire of hatred.  At that moment  two other figures enter the cave of terror and look at our bodies of mercy in the cage of capture.

The horses then notices the two figures  are large figured witches walking towards their black  cauldron  of evil. We all look on with shock and disbelief at the goblins and witches sat around a burning fire  in the evil cave of torture.

We all sit in the cells of horror until  the witches and goblins gather around our prone bodies of torture.  All of a sudden the blue goblins drag our bodies out of the evil cage of capture  and drag us towards another large red cave of evil.

The humans are already stood near the edge of the cave looking down a deep canyon of mystery while we are  trembling in terror. At that moment a roar of anger rips up from the deep cold canyon below while the witches scream with excitement.

A  long nosed witch then drags a few of the humans towards the edge of the deep canyon while its  chuckles a dark voice towards something below.  I hold a shocked luitent megs in my arms  when a strange figure begins to creep up the  deep black canyon of horror. 

The  goblins then hold tow of the humans sweating heads over the eclipse while the creature  gest closer towards it prey of slaughter.  A silver knight screams in horror when a  large troll creature rips off the humans heads of torture.

We then scream in torture when the headless bodies  fall onto the cave floors of evil.  The wicked troll then grabs the humans bloody  heads by its  blue claw hands  hurtles down the canyon with hate in its cold red eyes of evil torture. 

The silver prince scrambles to help me and luitent megs while the goblins look down the  deep hole of evil with smiles across their faces of torture. At that moment a large red dragon suddenly emerges from the deep hole of horror and grabs a few more humans ripping their bodies apart with a glee of evil.

Our army is then taken back towards the  evil  cells of torture while the witches dance and scream at the following goblins of torture.  We then sit in our cell of torture wondering how to escape  the horror from this evil cage.

After a long cold night in the  cave of horrors  the goblins drag our bodies along a cold steep  string bridge towards a strange castle in the distance.  I hold a shocked luitent megs while our army is pulled along the  long  misty bridge of horror towards this large castle of evil torture. 

Once at the other end of the  large cave of horrors  we are made to stand near a big red gate of torture until the humans are brought across chained to  a long green  metal chain of torture.  All of a sudden  a light then flashes past our shocked minds of terror  and large  red clawed lions with  blue fangs of horror look at our shaken bodies of torture.

The humans are then chained towards the red gate of horror while the witches sit and look towards the great castle in the distance.  A shocked silver prince then notices a figure coming down from the castle drawbridge with the evil red clawed lions by its side. 

Our army look on with gasps of torture when we notice its a large wizard wearing a golden crown upon his blue faced body.  The wizard king then orders his blue fanged lions to capture a few  humans from the red gate of torture.

We stand in shock with sweat pouring down our tired heads while the lions grasp hold a tow screaming humans with their jaws of horror.  At that moment a thunder bolt of l fire hits the ground and a large one eyed gorilla with zombie eyes of horror  appear from a large  smoggy  hole  in the distant cave

The  green zombie gorilla then stand s with the  startled goblins while the lions pull the lifeless human bodies towards the dark castle above.  We al plead for mercy while more of the zombie gorillas come from a distant hole of horror to capture our shocked bodies of mercy,

All of a sudden the one eyed zombie gorillas drag our bodies through the dark hole of evil  with a handful of humans for torture. The wicked  goblins then follow behind  laughing and looking the silver knights  brave walk towards evil slaughter.

written by wayne mockler
ownership and copyright wayne mockler

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Wayne's Ghost city story's series

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