the vampires ball of fun

After a cold night the vampires chamber of horrors  we are taken  towards  the upstairs of the castle horrors and made to stand in the centre of the dark main hall way of horrors.  At that moment all the yellow  vampire creatures stand in a line towards a  big red throne of evil at the other end of the hall. 

Our army is then made to sit  on a large long dark bench of horror while  other vampires enter the castle of torture.  The silver prince then notice various nations  and colours of other  evil vampires lining up in  secluded  chairs of terror while a dark trumpet sounds out down the long misty  hallway of torture. 

All of a sudden  a creature with a long black cloak of evil  walks out from a corner of terror and sits in the red throne of torture.  A shocked horse then notices its king  vampire with long glowing orange eyes  and his army of evil  followers have  arrived  to  listen to his evil words terror.

We look glued to the creatures long flowing black coat while  tumblers of red blood is passed around to his fellow guests of evil torture. I hold and comfort a shocked luitent megs while his army of horrors toast his power towards a  dark vampire statue with glowing orange eyes of torture  statue in the corner of the evil castle. 

At that moment a long line of shaken humans are  dragged out  towards the centre of the long hallway while the vampire creatures  watch and glare with evil stares through the flowing mist of horror.  A shocked silver knight then looks at the king vampire  figure  while its  blue claw like fingers  point towards the humans defeated torsos.

A shocked luitent megs screams in horror when the  vampires  fly from their chairs of torture  and smother the humans with fangs of horror.  The humans scream in torture when the vampires  rip their clothes off and sink dark  fangs of horror inside the pure bodies of mercy.

The silver prince looks on in shock when he sees the flesh being ripped open by the evil vampires  while  a pool of blood flows across the hallway of terror.  A cluster of international vampires can then be seen drinking the blood from  all the slain humans whilst looking towards  the king vampires purple hair while he  stand to applaud his horrors of the night. 

After a few minutes  we are taken back down towards the jail of horrors while the vampires party  and dance  above our tortured souls below The horses then walk up and down the cell of capture wondering of a way to escape the castle of  vampires.

The king vampire then summons our bodies back up towards the great hall of the castle while the vampires  drink the blood  of horrors along a bright  red table.  We are  then walked through the great hallway of evil while the king looks on in his  red throne of torture. 

I hold luitent megs tight in my arms while the king stands up in his flowing coat of horror  to greet our shaking  bodies of mercy.  At that moment a yellow faced female vampire pushes a button on the side of the door and a wall opens in our shocked  faces of mercy. 

The horses faces drop with shock when we are  subjected to a large  arena of horror  with a dark floor of evil and  blue chairs around is  gawping dome of mystery.  An evil faced king then makes us sit in the blue chairs of evil while the rest of the vampires quickly  fly in for the show to begin. 

We are then made to sit in the drome of darkness while a  torch light flickers through the thousands of watching vampires in the audience of terror.  a wide eyed silver prince then notice the black floor suddenly light up and  walking creatures with demons heads appear looking at our shocked minds  of terror. 

I comfort a screaming luitent megs with my  hands of calm while a huddle of humans are dragged inside the now bright arena of evil. The vampires of hell then cheer with blood running down their mouths of terror while the demon faced creatures begin to  eat the humans legs of escape. 

A shocked luitent megs turns away to the brave horses while the demon creatures begin to devour the humans torsos before ripping their heads off with  fangs of torture.  Our army then sit in silence while the  vampires send a demon  messenger down to collect the  body parts in a large red bucket of terror. 

Our army is then taken back to the  cells of capture below while the vampires enjoy the blood and guts from  captured humans body's of torture. We al sit and listen to singing and dancing for hours until our tired bones drift off asleep 


After another few hours of sleep in the dark dungeon of horror  we are dragged up towards the  king vampires cauldron of horror by the yellow vampires of evil.  our army is then made to sit on the  cold red seats of terror while smoke begins to fill the dome once more. 

At that moment the vampires  trumpet of terror sounds  while the blue smoke fills the  arena  below.  We then sit in our red seats of capture trembling with fear while the other  guest vampires return towards the dark seats of torture. 

I then hold a shocked luitent megs hands while the smoke clears with a large creature walking around the dome of terror.  The horses tremble with shock while the smoke clears to reveal a  green vampire dragon of torture standing breathing fire of horror at the baying creatures from hell. 

A trap door then opens and four humans walk out into the vampire dragons path of destruction.  The humans then run towards a large  corner to escape but the creature captures them  and  send fire towards the body's of torture. 

The humans then scream while their bodies are burnt and left for  evil vampire dragons mercy.  We then look down in shock while the dragon bites open  two of the  humans heads  draining the blood from their prone bodies of torture. 

A  disgusted silver knight then turns away while the evil dragon bites the necks of the other humans  ripping their defeated heads off in the process.  All our army of brave warriors then bow down  in disgust while the creature feeds from the rest of their tortured  bodies. 

Two vampire messengers then fly down towards the dark arena and collect the left over body parts while the vampire dragon retreats towards its hole of entry licking its red lips with glee.  The remains of the four humans is then shared with the  king vampires guests from hell while our  tired  minds are  taken back towards the evil dungeon  of terror. 

written by wayne mockler
ownership and copyright wayne mockler

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