The town of evil horrors

We are then dragged from the hospital of horrors and down towards  long set dark cold stairs of terror. Our eyes then shudder with shock when our bodies are dragged down the cold wet steps of evil towards a strange town of horrors.    After being dragged down inside this cold town of horrors 
the vampires begin to walk back up the steps of evil while we  chase behind shouting for help.  All of a sudden the  climbing steps of terror begin to vanish while the vampires  creatures  disappear into a hole of horror above.
Our army then quickly  run down the evil steps towards the strange town of horrors whilst the cold paving slabs vanish into thin air. Once at the bottom we look around this very old strange town while the rain pours down upon our shaken heads of mercy.
At that moment the silver  prince spots a tavern across this gravel road of mystery  and walks towards its bright windows of lights. We all then  watch with shock and terror while the prince begins to open the large red door of sanctuary. 
All of a sudden the prince screams in terror and runs back towards our army for safety while strange shadows begin to emerge from the bar  of terror.  Our eyes then open wide with shock when we begin to notice strange purple humans  beings wander from the pub of horrors and look at our cold eyes of hunger. The horses then tell us to run while the purple humans begin to aim their long golden spears at our body's of mercy.  A thrust of golden spears then hits our army causing us to run down the gravel road of escape. 
We are then chased by these spear welding humans while the horses look towards a large barn in the distance. Our army then run towards the lonely dark barn of mystery while the red eyed purple humans stop with a  shocked halt. We then run inside the dark barn of safety while l tend to a tired and angry luitent megs.
A shocked silver then stands and wonders why  the purple creatures have stopped and moved back to wards the town of torture. At that moment we begin to hear the howls of were wolves  from the barns large dark house and stand in shock.
written by wayne mockler
ownership and copyright wayne mockler

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Wayne's  Ghost city story's series
Wayne's Ghost city story's series

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