The terror of underworld the shadow creatures

We  stand  in the dark tunnel  with our horses  and  look for  way to escape  this terror tunnel.  Me and  lieutenant megs  shirk with horror at  the walls on the  tunnel  beacuse we can see faces within the cold cracks  that look  with  evil  on their eyes at our trembling bodies. We all move further along the  caves  and hear screams coming out from all parts of the  dark  dungeons. 

After walking along with horses  for a few minutes  and only a small torch  to lead the way  we spot a figure  within the distance  of a small boy. The boy is look at us  and points with his hand to a small corridor  which in turn leads to some sort of room.

We follow along to this room  and notice it  has turned into a small lobby  that looks like  an 1800s rest area.  Me and  lieutenant megs gasp  with horror  and see  pictures of people  from yesteryear  on a small wooden desk within this dark and cold room.

The boy stands at the foot of the room looking at us with an icy glare on his face  and a  shallow  and withdrawn and lost  negative look.  The boy turns to us  and  points towards  pictures then  walks off towards the far wall  and disappears  from the room with a chilling terror.

We all  stand  in a huddle within  the room  our  eyes wide open with terror and  looking around  for a way out.  The rooms starts to suddenly move around  from side to side  and we are spun upside down  and thrown towards the roof    whilst the  furniture  remains stuck to the floor and  above our heads and we are  screaming with terror. 

The room then turns around and back to gravity but the horror is not over for us all  we can feel  strange  figures around our body and  shadows  jump out from the walls  and  hang over  us  moving our bodies around the room  and pushing us against the  walls  with  their dark faces laughing  with evil. 

Me and  lieutenant megs  run out of the  horror room and into  the dark tunnels followed by our horses down a dark  narrow path but with  out warning  we drop into  a dark hole  and down into a fast flowing stream  underground.  We both hold onto our horses in the flowing  stream while the force of the  water  try's  to push against the  cold and  brutal rocks.

We can see creatures  moving around  the water large  shark like figures  with  large fangs hanging from their mouth  and  sharp  knife like scales from their bodies  moving towards us  very quickly.  The horses  push towards an underground  river bank  and save us  while we both lay  in tired  on  river bank. 

The horses  tell us to follow them along  another underground pathway and we see a light at the end of the tunnel. We see miles of  open orange  water  in the distance  and climb onto the horses back and sail off with the  horses into the  green alien sunset on our  next journey.

written by wayne mockler
copyright and ownership wayne mocker   

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Wayne's Ghost city story's series

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