the Land of the horror the city controlled by the apes

the Land of the horror  the city controlled by the apes

We look out  into the distant land through a large  stained glass window and  look with horror seeing apes  jumping around the city  in their  shady suits and  lovely  designer clothing.  I turn to lieutenant megs and point out the apes doing their daily chores in a city controlled by the apes.

The horses  pull hard onto the windows ledge and force the it open with a smash whilst we climb out  through the window and  into the city of the apes.  We all run down a back alley which leads  onto a main road  and notice the police apes in their  flashing cars  watching with intense for humans to capture and put into cages.

The horses look at us  and  gesture for us to follow with lieutenant megs closely  behind me. We pass  a restaurant  with  the apes jumping and dancing holding their drinks  towards the window and toasting their triumph over the human race. 

We quickly move past the celebrating apes and  through a dark corner of the city towards our place of rest in  a run down house  left in ruins by the apes damage.

I lay down with lieutenant megs and the horses and see figures appear form the darkness human faces with dirt down their faces and eyes sad in defeat  lay across the full room whilst we rest and wonder our next move tired  and weary at the hands of the  controlling apes world

written by wayne mockler
owned and copyright wayne mockler

  the Land of the horror the city of apes part 2

the Land of the horror  the city  of apes part 2
We stand and look at all the lonely faces in the dark smelly room  with pity and sadness. One man points to a small door with the room and we all walk though into an underground tunnel and  emerge through a city of  despair.

I walk through the  cold and dark alleys of the city and turn to lieutenant megs in despair wondering what has happened to our lovely city. The man points to a dusty calendar on the wall and shows us the date with horror we have gone forward in time 100 years  and he then explains the city has been taken over by the apes. 

I turn  to  lieutenant megs and  we walk out into the  winters night with the horses to investigate the city of apes. We  wonder away from the dark  mystery  house and  onto the road of terror and see lots of cars  moving about in the dark  winters night.  The apes are looking around the city in their smart cars and listening  to the latest music from ape land.

We move down the block and see  lots of large  multi story building  skyscrapers in the distance.  The apes appearing from the buildings in their smart suits and  dark glasses wandering to their cars after a hard days work.

I notice loud music coming from a building and we go to investigate  but with horror lieutenant megs  sees  apes  sitting at the tables having their lunch for night and drunken apes  hanging onto  bars wanting more drinks from the bar and smiling intense at the lady apes flirting and  showing their  eyes of love while a drunken ape  grabs the bum of a pretty  female ape.

we quickly rush off around the corner only to be faced by a gang of young apes with  intense anger on their faces.  One of the apes grabs hold of lieutenant megs  and rips her clothes off with its large and powerful hand whilst l stand and defend her honour.

The horse tell us to come closer  to them and a large force field protects us whilst the young apes bounce of  us and into the bricks of the cold city.    We all walk for a few miles  and find another  empty building  and lay in fear of  the apes. 

At that point a door opens up  from the floor  and a ray of light shines up into our faces  with a hand  coming up and  telling us to follow through  the tunnel and underground. Me and  lieutenant megs and the horses  follow on and come  through another door  which leads into another underground city with  people standing looking at us in their rags of clothing  whilst we are taken to a room to rest deep under the city of apes. 

We lay and rest wondering what we are going to do and where this city leads to in the vast maze of underground tunnels. 

written by wayne mockler 
ownership and copyright wayne mockler

  Th city of the apes escape from hell

We awake in the middle of a winters night and see lots of people laid across the  tunnels in the underground hideaway.  I turn to lieutenant megs and point to a long tunnel with a mystery noise  in the distance comes closer.
We all wander along the distant tunnel and can hear the sounds of  cars above  pushing down into the secluded  underground. The horses  walk in front of us to guide our way  and protect us  from injury.
After walking for miles under  the city  we suddenly see  a light  come towards us  and we spot a way out though a closed  door above  our heads. The horses push at the door  and we jump out  into the countryside and smell the pure air  and  sun shines onto our heads while we  lay back in the long grass.
After a short rest we stand up  and look around to see where we are and notice the city in the distance  over a large mountain and  we all walk on though  countryside  and  towards a large hill.  I walk with one of the horses whilst lieutenant megs stay back with the other while l  investigate what  is over the hill. 
I stand back in amazement to see a large buildings in the distance with large fences al around it  and hundreds of  apes wearing uniforms  walking around  and patrolling  the area.
Looking  over one building l can see some sort of  rocket in the distance and convince myself they are testing  for something and quickly run down to tell lieutenant megs about it. 
we all sit and hide in the  hills wondering what our next option would be when suddenly l can hear the sound of engines over another part of the hill.  We all run towards the other side of the hill and can see a  camp site in the distance  and bikes  riding around the grass area in a wild manner.
The horses point out figures in the distance and lieutenant megs  with horror in her eyes points out they are  apes dressed in leather clothing  riding about on motorbikes  the  horses point we have come across the devils ape bikers and very aggressive apes

One of the apes spot us in the distance  and we run down into the  thick grass  and hide under a large rock  whilst the  ape bikers search for us.  After a while  it goes very silent and we all rest for the night wondering what  to do next beside a camp fire in the  forest.
written by wayne mockler
ownership copyright wayne mockler

  the city of the apes escape from the apes zoo

We stand on the  cold frosty  bank looking down at the apes riding about on their bikes and pushing dirt  into the ground and  while  shouting loud across the deserted land.  I look at lieutenant megs  and point to a point of escape while the horses look on. 
We all move slowly down the hill and onto the cold  land trying to avoid the apes but they see us running down towards our escape  and jump on their bikes and  speed fast towards us at a great speed.
The apes  surround us  in the centre of some gravel land and  watch with intense while  we all  stand  with terror in our eyes wondering what will happen to us.

The apes put us into cages and pull us along  a dusty road  until we come to an unknown city in some desert land.  At that point  a large  set of  gates open  up and we are taken into their city with  thousands of apes  in  leather clothing  jumping and glaring at us with evil intent.
We are  all placed into the centre of the apes city  and me and lieutenant megs are  taken forward to the watching  and waiting apes eyes.  lieutenant megs is taken  to the front of the  looking apes  and placed  onto a pole  whilst l suffer the same fate  at the mercy of the apes. 

I look towards lieutenant megs whilst  four  apes  walk towards her and strip her to her underwear  in front of  jumping apes whilst  I suffer the same fate.  I look towards the apes  and see they not finished  and they walk towards us and strip us both naked  to the dancing and of the evil apes. 

We are then taken back to our cages  and given robes to wear  with the horses whilst  apes with their familys  wander about looking at us  and throwing us food to eat. I turn to lieutenant megs and say we are in their zoo  and  we are their entertainment. 
The horses wake us up early the next day  and  point towards the silence of  the place telling us to stand back from the cage. At that point the horses place their eyes towards the cage and shine a  a bright light from their heads which cuts though the cage  and we escape  and walk slowly through  the apes zoo. 
I notice  lots of other cages in this zoo with people  laid across floor looking beaten down  and humiliated from the apes.  We slowly walk towards the gate and jump on the horses back  and ride over the gates to freedom

An ape coming to work at the zoo notices our escape  and  calls something on its phone. At that point  the sound of sirens  ring out into the calm  morning and  police apes  appear everywhere looking for us hunting  it prey down like wild animals. 

We see a  dark building in the distance  and ride towards it  and hide in a small corner whilst the sirens ring through the summer morning. I turn towards lieutenant megs and say we must rest and  decide our next plan while the horses rest. 
written by wayne mockler
ownership and copyright wayne mockler

  The city of apes escape to the ice world

We wake on a cold  windy morning and walk into the  empty  streets of the apes and walk down the main city road looking for a way to escape.  I look towards lieutenant megs  and we  ride quickly through the city on the horses backs. 
In the distance we suddenly hear loud sirens down the cold  lonely street police  apes appear full of anger driving  down the middle of the road trying to run us over  in their cars. 

The horses start to ride faster  and can run a warp speed  10  times faster than a normal horse.  We escape away from the horror of the  police apes  and find ourselves in  a run down town outside the city.

At that point we  see hundreds of apes dressed in leather  jackets appear from every  street door and road  in this run down town. I turn to  lieutenant megs to comfort her  and try to protect.  The horses point towards a  an alleyway  and we head down it to escape but find it a dead end,
The  leather clad apes start to move closer the down the  street and surround us  jumping about  and  glare  with anger in their faces. The horses tell us to jump on their backs.  We look with horror at  thousands of apes  coming closer towards us  but at the point  the horses start to run towards them  and then turn back  and start to  gallop towards the  brick wall. 
I hold onto lieutenant megs hand whilst we both close our eyes  and hear nothing. The wall has gone and we have been transported into space and  been pulled into a tornados path and pushed into a time slip. 

The lights suddenly becomes  dark and we then awake  with a cold feeling down our backs  and  ice  on our faces.  We awake  to find  we have been transported onto some sort of ice planet with  thick snow everywhere and frozen lake in the distance 

We all walk along for a few miles  and suddenly see an ice mountain in the distance and we climb up through the frozen  snow to the top of its peak. After getting to the top  lieutenant megs points out a city in the distance that looks to be made of ice  and we al look in amazement at this great spectacular  city. 

We all sit down on the ice mountain whilst  the horses  put a protective  bubble over us whilst  we rest and decide what to do in this strange  planet

written by wayne mockler
ownership and copyright wayne mockler

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