The dragon People

I stand and look at the midnight sky  in the midst of  a grey and lonely night  high into the distant sky stands a massive castle called Dragon castle.  The year is 4025  and dragon people rule the  earth in the  great time of change.  I walk slowly  up the walkway  and rugged steps leading towards the  castle and  see dragon military men standing  with glee in their dark shadow  eyes  looking down on me  they mutter  with a loud  fire breathing puff  where are you going to  slave person.

I  say in a quiet  and timid voice  l am here  to meet and offer my slavery  to the great imperial master  of dragons and with the dragons  breathing    fire into the  cold mist of a winters night they let me walk along my way and past up the  rugged steps  and into the inferno of the city called  dragon castle.
I stand  and look  at  the dragon people while they  make their way around the city  breathing fire  everywhere  and  watching with their monster  eyes  every sudden  move within this great city.  Suddenly l hear a loud  trumpet sound  and  fire  fills  up    everywhere  into the dark midnight sky  l find a small and dark  secluded  place to hide  while the great imperial master and his  servants of dragons  stand within  the middle of the great city  and  all the dragon people  stand up  and worship him  holding their  bodies towards the dark  frozen sky and breathing fire in  respect of their great leader. 

written by wayne mocker 
copyright owned by wayne mocker

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Wayne's Ghost city story's series

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