terror in the underwater world of the green demons

our army of brave warriors walk along the glowing gold  tunnel of mystery  while we listen the the walking vampires tracking our blood.  All of a sudden the silver prince spots a  large red door of mystery and walks towards it with pace. 

Once at the large red door of mystery he touches the bight silver handle trying to twist it open with bare power. The handle is stuck tight while his sweating hands try and wrench it open  with might. 

After a few minutes he gives and rests in the golden tunnel while the horses  aim their stun gun of glory at its handle of security. After a few blasts from the stun guns it  creeks open with a  glow of defeat while the purple vampires can be heard breaking through the tunnel  of safety. 

I then hold a shocked luitent megs in my hands while we follow the horses into an underground city below the water.  we all then stand on a  frozen embankment while the purple vampires begin to  get closer towards our captured bodies of mercy. 

A shocked horse then sees the vampires standing at the cold red door of mystery  looking us with glory in their  feasting eyes of horror.  All of a sudden the door suddenly shuts and the underwater city begins to lighten up with sparking  blue  and evil red  spotlights. 

at that moment  the city below our scared minds becomes alive and strange creatures can be see traveling up towards our trapped bodies  above.  We all become very scared and shake wit terror when the  figures appear in front of us  with evil red glaring eyes of horror.

The silver prince then spots their  large green coloured demon bodies and white glowing faces while we tremble for mercy.  All of a sudden a long  yellow  craft comes up from the thick yellow water  while the evil demons  strap our captured bodies together. 

All of a sudden our captured  twisting bodies are placed inside the strange  yellow craft and we are transported down towards the underground city of evil below.  We then watch out the windows of capture  and see the a new underwater world of green skinned demons walking about  a city of torture. 

After a few hours in our underground cell of torture the green demons arrive at our cage our capture and look at our shocked bodies of torture.  Our eyes then glow with mercy at their distorted evil faces while they open the cage our capture.

We are then taken out of our damp underwater cage and taken towards and evil tube of horror over the evil underwater city.  A shocked silver prince then looks down at the flowing blue water of torture while we are taken towards a dark lift of horror.

The dark lift then suddenly opens  and the  green demons  suddenly pull out a  large black helmet from under their cape of horrors.  We all then shudder with shock and horror when the green demons turn their glowing evil eyes towards our brave warriors.

A that moment luitent megs notices a large  tankard of green water being pushed under  our tunnel of capture by the glowing green demons below.  An evil chant then rigns out across the evil city and thousands of the creatures begin to form over this giant  tankard of of evil.

I then hold an open mouthed luitent megs in my arms while the demons  pull out  three screaming humans of mercy from our large group of brave warriors.  The horses then try and protect  their bodies of torture by lashing out at the evil demons but  get pushed away with  a wind of horror.

We then all watch with hate and anger while the evil demons force the large black  helmets on their screaming heads of torture.  Our army then stand and look on in anger at the monsters evil glare  hitting our angry faces of menace.

At that moment  an evil demons walks towards the screaming humans and begins to pull off a humans helmet with force.  All of a sudden  the victims  falls to the floor screaming in pain while the demons glowing eyes smile with pleasure.

The horses then turn our shocked eyes away when  the mans face is suddenly peeled off by the force of pulling helmet.  We then bow our screaming faces of sorrow while  a green skinned demon picks the victims  skin from the dark helmet of horror.

All of a sudden another  evil  green demon produces a long dagger from behind his dark cloak and chops off the  blood filed head with force.  At that moment the other humans are pushed inside the lift  and it  heads down towards the open tankard of horror. 

Our eyes then glare down with sorrow when the lift opens and lets the  terrified humans out inside the water filled tankard. We then listen to their  screams of pain while red demon fish appear and eat their  twisting bodies of torture within minutes before we are taken back towards our cage of capture.

The green demons then push our tired bodies inside the  container  of capture while our shocked bodies flop with  terror.  A evil looking  green demon then locks our cage of capture while we stand terrified  in a dark corner. 

A shocked silver prince then glares at the walls of capture  while  we watch the green demon walk away  with terror across its dark cold face of torture.  After spending a few hours  sitting on the cold dark floor  of horror the green demons arrive with their keys of  destruction in their cold  rough hands. 

Our army is then taken out from the dark  cells of capture  and down towards the  tunnel of  terror while the  evil demons watch below in their underground city of torture.    At that moment a large hovercraft with golden  wings  appears  in the demons city of torture while we walk towards the elevator of evil torture. 

I then hold a shocked luitent megs in my arms while  a set  of deep
underground  tunnel steps  appear in front of our shocked eyes of mercy.  At that moment the green demons march our army of warriors  down the steps  towards a secret entrance on the hovercraft of horror.

We are then placed  inside this golden winged hovercraft  of horror while some other humans are taken towards the evil elevator of torture.  Once inside the hovercraft of safety the  humans are sent down the  elevator of torture to face the evil green demons of hatred. 

Our army then watch with deep horror while the humans  leave the elevator at the bottom to face the  demons of horror.  A disgusted  silver prince then  watches while the demons pull apart the drowning humans hands and legs off with a force of evil pleasure.

The gold winged hovercraft then  moves off towards a large green palace  in the distance while we sit terrified in its  big purple seats of horror.  A cold eyed green demon then glares at our  chained bodies of mercy while it  moves closer towards the  demons palace of evil torture.

The gold winged hovercraft flows though the evil  purple waters of horror towards the evil demon palace in the distance. I hold and comfort a shocked luitent megs in my warm hands of mercy while the craft gets closer towards its evil  structure. 

A evil looking green demon with glaring eyes of horror then grabs our chains of  capture  while other demons stand beside our captive bodies of torture.  At that moment the silver prince spots  the hovercraft getting closer towards this  strange  underwater island  holding the palace of horrors in our glowing eyes of hate. 

We then bow our captured heads in despair while the craft hits the underground island of torture  with a loud bump of evil.  All of a sudden  the evil demons stand up and begin to drag our bodies towards the opening door of the large hovercraft from hell. 

The shocked brave horses then look out the gap  of destiny from the  sliding doors and see we have entered a bubble of safety from their  flowing water of  hate.  our eyes then beam with shock when we are pushed out onto this strange green land  of hills and valleys  from hell. 

All of a sudden luitent megs spots the  evil green palace in distance with barbed wire along its large black walls of torture.  We then fall down upon the cold  nettles of horror while the green demons stand with a wicked smile upon their faces of torture. 

At that moment a one eyed demon  holding a long leather whip with  nails comes along and points towards  a large complex in the cold  bubble of terror.  We are then taken towards this complex of mystery  and placed inside  a steel cage of capture while the demons rest  near a mountain way.

We all sit and wonder what horrors lie in wait for our tired bodies while the horses  trudge around for an escape. I tend to a shocked luitent megs in the corner while the silver prince look out towards the land of terror.

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Wayne's  Ghost city story's series
Wayne's Ghost city story's series

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