Enter the ghost city of scotland

We look up towards the cold staircase and see figures moving about along the haunted  staircase.  The grey lady appears and offers to guide us down the cold dark staircase whilst we climb along the creaking floorboards of the haunted house. 

I hold onto  lieutenant  megs while the horse follow behind the grey lady.  After waling a few doors down she suddenly stops  and point towards  a  door deep in the  corner of a cold room. 

We walk along the  dark stairway and hear lots of noises coming  from  other doors with the sound of screams echo through the cold  haunted house.  The horses turn to look for the grey lady but she has gone  while the  darkness comes in  and we have lost the door to escape. 

I  hold onto lieutenant megs while the horses search  for the  other door but the screams become louder  and  voices  can be hared coming towards us.  The horses tell us to run thinking they had found the door to eternity whilst we all  rush through  with great excitement.

After entering the door  we get a shady  feeling  after seeing  a room of black and wonder where the door to eternity is. I turn towards the horses and point out a light  coming from a small corner of the room.  The light starts to become bigger and we start to walk towards it to get a better look. 

We walk through another door  and straight into  the light hoping for our escape.  The light suddenly becomes dimmer and we are caught  in a triangle  of travel and a been transported somewhere new. 

After a few minutes in the triangle we are thrown onto some open marsh land and wondering where we are. The horses hear a sound in the distance  and see  people on horse back riding past  wearing kilts and  shouting with intense anger. 

We now  know we have entered  the  ghost city  of Scotland  and  have gone back in time  to the Scottish civil war.  The horses tell us to hide and be very still  amongst the  cold marsh swamp. 

After a short while the  shouting dies down and we are left in a cold  mash moor  scared and wondering what horrors are around the corner in the ghost city of Scotland

written by wayne mockler 
ownership and copyright wayne mockler


  Dark trip towards scotlands ghost city of terror

We walk along the cold  marsh land and head towards an old road leading to the Scottish ghost city.  The horses lead the way while we walk along the cold  misty road of hell. 

I turn toward  lieutenant megs and comfort her from the ghosts of horror whilst we walk along a long  dark lonely road.  The horses walk  in front of us checking the way and keeping us safe  from harm in this strange land. 

After a long walk  the horses suddenly stop  and  hear the sound of  wheels coming down the road towards us. The sound of screams echo through the  dark  clouds of this land whist we hide in some bushes near to the road. 

At that point a large dark  Carriage comes down the road with figures  looking out  with intense anger in their hearts.  The horses tees us to be very quiet and explain its the  scots ghost army looking for invaders. 

We sit amongst the long grass  scared and  shaking with horror whilst the  black Carriage goes past  with its warriors searching for new victims. The figures look out of the carriage  with intense hatred some with limbs missing  and distorted facial features  one eyed ghosts and  mouths cut  open.

After a few minutes the carriage  has gone  and we walk back on to the cold road of hell to continue  our journey.  We walk along the cold road and start  hear  loud sounds  screams  coming from behind us  with the sound of swords  and  fighting. 

The horses tell us its the army of  English and Scottish ghosts fighting each other  across the deadly marsh land of horror.  After walking for a few miles we start to see something in the distance  and the loud sound of cannons can be heard  firing directly  into the  dark smoke filled air.

We come across a large hill  in the distance and see a  vast city  overlooking us  with its castle walls  the distance.  I turn towards  lieutenant megs and comfort her whist the cannons  fire  into the  cold  dark day.

The horses tell us to rest because we have  come to the  Scottish ghost city of terror. One of the horses tells us    we need to pass through the city  to escape  and enter back through  the door of the dark city to find eternity 

written by wayne mockler 
ownership and copyright wayne mockler

  Walk into scotlands ghost city of terror

We along the  wet  and cold marsh land that leads towards the castle walls and hear the silence that echo around the  city centre.  The horses lead us towards an old drawbridge that leads into the old city. 
The horses stand at the drawbridge which leads high into the  clouds of hell whilst me and lieutenant megs  stand and watch with intense interest.  The drawbridge suddenly starts to open up  and move down slowly  whilst we stand amazed  in horror. 

A sound of intense screaming can be head  when the  drawbridge  hits the ground with dark dust everywhere.  We walk slowly through the drawbridge and into the city  seeing old historical houses around the city walls.

We start to move through the city  and see lots of figures moving about  the derelict buildings.  The horses tell us to move fast because  the ghosts of the city are watching our every move. 

At that  point a  large figure of a man stands in the centre of  the city looking at us with intense anger on hits face.  I turn towards
lieutenant megs and comforts her whilst the figure gets even closer. 
The horses stand in front of it and protect us  whilst it moves  closer holding out  its long dark hand  under a black cloak and point towards a  building near to us. 

We walk towards the old building  and notice the figure  is missing half of its face  and looks  with evil horror into our eyes.  The horses lead us towards the old building and lock the doors to keep us safe from harm. 

Once inside the old building  we look with horror  at  seeing a    hangman's noose in building  and lieutenant megs  screams in terror.  The horses point out its the ghost hangmans ghost and we have entered its haunted  house.

At that point we hear  two loud bangs  at the door  and the sound of intense laughing can be heard directly  behind the door.  The horses push open the door and we are faced with the hangmans  ghost  holding a large axe  against us and  swinging  it each way.

We all run out of the house and into  another old  building to escape the mad  hangman ghost.  After a while we suddenly start to hear  some more noises in the house and wonder what other ghosts are haunting this old city.

written by wayne mockler
ownership and copyright  wayne mockler

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Wayne's Ghost city story's series

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