captured inside the alien police officers mansion of horrors

After a few more  hours  of been forced  to watch the alien creatures strip naked a bright flashing light suddenly appears from the dark road of the  creatures city of torture.  Our eyes then turn with  shock towards a dark green light flashing about  outside the dark windows of horror. 

At that moment  a dark green shadow walks towards the red door of evil  and slides it open with a large green hand of mystery.  Our eyes then open wide with shock  when the creature walk  through the  smoke filled doors of evil horror. 

All of a sudden  the figure stands in the bright flashing lights of terror while the other alien creatures  run towards the dark doors of escape.  The big large  alien police officer then stands looking at our shocked faces  while more of the alien officers enter the club of  eternal torture. 

We then stand shocked with terror while the alien officer walks around in its large metal studded boots of evil  whilst  its red eyes scan the clubs dark corners.  I hold and comfort a shocked luitent megs with my arm hands while a big purple police vehicle  pulls up from the outside of the dark windows. 

At that moment  a posse of  alien officers walk in and pull our bodies out from the clubs  upper room  and drag us down towards the red door of horror.  We are then  dragged towards the purple  van of capture and thrown inside its dark  back of capture. 

A shocked  brave white  horse then  listens  while other green sirens flash about the club of horrors  and doors bang with  sharp  thuds of evil torture.  The purple van of evil then speeds away down the aliens dark road of capture towards  a mystery destination. 

After a few minutes the van stops and doors open to a large blue  mansion of mystery.  We all stop and look on with shock when the large golden gates open with a slow creek. 

All of a sudden the alien officers appear and drag our handcuffed bodies inside the gate of capture towards a  blue building in the distance.  We then all watch with shock when more of the purple  vans emerge from the dark road carrying all our brave army of warriors. 

The alien officers then drag our bodies inside the  large blue building  and trap us inside the cells of torture while the golden gates close with a sharp bang. We all then lay in the dark cells of capture while the horses and silver prince look around for a way to escape. 

After spending the entire evil night in the cells of torture we are awoken by the  banging spiked trongeons of horror.  We all then sit and watch while the evil green alien  officers walk our from a large blue building  of mystery towards  our prison of torture.

  fter reaching our dark cages of terror one of the creatures then opens our cell and drags us down towards the  gates of horror.  Our eyes look with shock and terror while our army is dragged towards the centre gardens of the red mansion of evil torture. 

I hold a shocked lutient megs in my cold freezing arms while the evil green  alien officers circle our bodies swinging their spiked batons of anger.  At that moment two of the creatures pull out a trio of  scared humans and begin to drag their bodies from our gang of safety. 

The aliens batons thrust and hit the cold floor of evil while the humans hands are prised away from our grasp of safety. We then watch with shock and horror while their open eyes of terror are pulled towards the aliens grasp of torture. 

After a few minutes  the evil alien officers begin to pull their prey  towards a dark corner of capture while our army scream with hate and anger.  A shocked horse then try's to  break free from the creatures claws of evil but gets pushed back towards our group of mercy. 

All we can do is look while the humans are separated by the  creatures  evil  green claws and pulled onto a misty blue floor of torture.  We watch the man scream for mercy while the  aliens hit his body with  the spiked batons causing him to fall back in defeat. 

An drooling one eyed green  alien officer then  bashes the humans head with the nailed baton causing his to scream and beg while blood pours out from his wound of horrors.  We all scream for mercy while the creatures begin to  pull his light blue pants down  and unbutton his grey shirt of modesty. 

I then comfort a shocked luitent megs while the alien monsters  start to slide down his  long white underpants  revealing his  long penis of privacy.  A  confused luitent megs head then  moves from  side to side  while the alien monsters  touch and stroke the  mans penis with their  green  claws of terror.

All of a  sudden the creatures rip off his manhood with their  evil long claws while we all scream with terror. The woman is then laid on the misty blue floor of evil while the creatures begin to unbutton her red skirt of modesty. 

The silver prince then begs for them to stop  while her  blue blouse  is torn apart by the evil alien creatures cruel claws.  Our eyes then weep together while the woman's black  bra is snapped and her white panties are cut off by the alien monsters. 

We then can only watch with anger while her naked body is carried towards the blue house of evil by the green alien creatures  claws of terror.  Our army is then taken back towards our cells of capture while the woman's screams of torture can be heard through the dark night. 

After a cold night of horrors the green aliens emerge from the dark house of horrors carrying the naked body of the woman over their shoulders of evil torture.  A shocked silver prince watches through our cage window while the creatures walk down towards a strange passage way of mystery holding the man and woman's torso of torture. 

At that moment the alien creatures  open our cage of capture and lead us out towards the jail doors of terror.  We are then dragged out into the darks streets of evil while the alien officers stand holding the body's of torture. 

The horses the fall back in shock when they notice  the faceless man and woman over the evil creatures spiked backs.  I then comfort a shocked luitent megs  while we are marched over towards  some gold steps leading to a place of mystery. 

All of a sudden the alien  creatures begin to walk down the golden steps carrying the humans  naked bodies in the process.  Our army is then coldly walked towards the golden steps and made to follow the evil creatures in front. 

A strange orange mist then covers our cold faces while we delve deeper down the  strange pit of evil torture.  We then  try and pause for rest but get pushed by the green alien officers deep down the pit of mystery.

At that moment the silver prince spots something  coming into our view while the air gets colder and colder  with evil.  Our army huddle together while  we begin to spot a  large golden well hitting our shocked eyes of torture. 

We then finally reach the big golden well of mystery while the creatures stop and hold the bodies over its dark base of terror.  All of a sudden the creatures throw their bodies inside the well of horror while growling sounds come from its deep pit. 

Our eyes then glow with shock when a large purple creatures crawls up its dark  walls with the humans body's  in its purple claws of terror. We then fall back with shock while the creature eats their heads of torture and slides back inside its well of horror. 

A shocked luitent megs then starts to scream while the alien creatures begin to lead us down a  dark underground golden road to a place  of mystery.  The  creatures then drag us along in the pure darkness while the temperature drops every few seconds.

We walk around the underground golden road of mystery while the blue mist blows over our shocked bodies of terror. The evil green aliens drag our shocked bodies down towards a large purple building of mystery and stand at the bright red door screaming hate at our shocked minds of terror. 

All of a sudden one of the aliens begins to turn the red knob of mystery while screams echo our from its  dark  mystery of hatred.  At that moment  two of the  humans escape the aliens clutches and run back down the golden path of freedom and into the darkness of horrors. 

The silver prince then begins to hear screams from the dark road while the red door slowly opens on our shocked minds of torture.  We then suddenly hear a loud screaming sound and turn around towards the golden  pathway. 

A shocked horse then notices figures coming closer towards our captured bodies  and begs for mercy at the red door of horrors.  I then hold a shocked lutient megs in my arms while giant green aliens with red hors of torture walking through the blue mist of evil. 

Our army then huddle together when the giant creatures  appear in the red lights holding the torn heads of each human with blood pouring down their claws of evil torture.  A shocked luitent megs screams when other giant aliens drag out their headless torsos from the darkness of evil and stand watching our terrified minds. 

We are all then dragged through the red doors of evil torture while the giant aliens  rip apart the captured humans torsos of capture.  All of a sudden the red door shuts and strange figures appear in the distance dressed with red robes of evil horror. 

At that moment the red  robe aliens pullback their bright red  hoods and reveal golden faces of terror with blue laser eyes  glaring at our shocked  faces of capture.  Our army the stagger back  towards the closed red door while the other creatures hold our chains tight with power. 

written by wayne mockler
ownership and copyright wayne mockler

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Wayne's Ghost city story's series

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