Attack of the evil red werewolves from mars captured by the grey demons of horror

the fang faced red vultures of horror carry our bodies towards the  demon knights city of torture through the red clods of evil.  We all tremble in terror  when the vultures  drop down towards the dark city of horrors.

We look with hate upon our shocked minds  while the creatures drop our bodies down towards the  grey demons  chamber of evil.  I hold a shocked and tired luitent megs while we all drop down towards a white sand pit  of mystery. 

At that moment  the grey demons of evil glare at our shocked minds of torture  while we  try and clamber from the sand pit of torture.  All of a sudden we begin to feel something moving in the white sand of evil and try to clamber towards the structured walls of mercy. 

The red sky of torture glows  with  glossy mist while creatures from under the white sand begin to  come from the hell below.  I pull luitent megs up towards a step of safety while the horses and  the silver prince  grab another step of safety.

we get closer towards the waiting dark steps of safety  while the  grey demons watch from chamber of horrors.  A huddle of  green zombie  creatures  come out from the white sand and grab a few of the silver knights pulling their bodies down towards  sand. 

Our  army climb further towards  the roof of the chamber until we reach the walls of horror at the top. At that moment an army of flying  winged  horses  with  golden warriors  capture  our bodies in a golden net  and fly off towards another kingdom  in this strange land of horrors.

We sit in the golden net of mystery while the winged  warriors fly us towards another part of this strange world of torture.  I hug a shocked  luitent megs while the sky suddenly turns to yellow  and we pass misty mountains below

Attack of the evil red werewolves from mars - captured by the golden warriors   The white winged horses of mercy  carry us towards the golden warriors  land of mystery  and drop  our shaken bodies  on a blue sand filled pit in their kingdom.  We lay on the blue sand pit  of mystery while the golden warriors suddenly jump down from the winged horses  saddles. 

We sit behind the brave horses  and the silver prince while his army  stand beside his brave body of torture.  I hold a shocked luitent megs while the  golden  warriors move closer towards us flashing their big green eyes of horror at our shocked minds. 

At that moment we begin to notice more of the golden warriors appear from the darkness of the cold city of evil  while we stand ready to defend ourselves form the terror. 

The green eyed golden creatures then suddenly  crawl towards our  stationed bodies while a green mist of horror comes over the city's  large skyscrapers. All of a sudden a devil looking tiger with long red jaws of torture  appears from a dark corner of the city and slowly walks towards our shocked bodies of torture. 

Our army of braves then notice the  golden creatures  begin to  run away from our shocked minds while the  devil tiger looks at us with a gaunt  down its long red jaws of terror. At that moment  we all begin to run down the derelict streets of the  golden creatures vast city  whilst been chased by the  devil tiger from hell. 

At that moment the silver prince notices a  door open near a big brown building of mystery and dashes towards it while the devil tiger gets closer towards our  trembling feet.  The silver prince then jumps through  the door and pulls me and luitent megs inside while the horses  roll through with a large bump. 

We  shout for the silver knights to run faster while their bodies just make it through  the door of safety.  The silver prince then slams the door shut while the devil tiger  scratches and bangs on the black  door  of safety. 

All of a sudden the horses begin to hear screaming  outside the frosty windows and go for a better look. The horses  long faces drop down in shame  when they see tow captured silver knight  being watched by the devil tigers from hell. 

A shocked luitent megs want to look out the frosty window of  hate but l  try and keep her eyes away from the horror without success.  We watch the evil unfold when one of the devil tigers savages the body of a  cornered silver knight. 

Our eyes open with shock when the devil creature begins to  rip the knights head and open  removing its silver brain from the stricken soul. A disgusted luitent megs turns away while the other devil tiger  prizes open the other knight brain out wit ease. 

The silver prince then goes for a look and notices the creatures drag  the two bodies round a dark corner to be eaten  We sit and wonder what horrors are in this big brown building and how many  devil tigers are wandering this city of torture.

written by wayne mockler
ownership and copyright wayne mockler   Attack of the evil red werewolves from mars - trapped in the roman vampires castle from hell   we begin to wander  the rooms of the big brown building  while smoke pillows out from the various rooms within its structure of evil. The horses  begin to walk about the rooms and notice  a cellar door under their shaking legs of torture. 

The silver prince looks at the door and wonders if its an escape  route from the city.  I hold a tired luitent megs while the silver prince slowly opens the creaking door of mystery.

A nervous horse then holds it magic torch down and sees a  dark  passages  inside it.  One of the silver goes back to door of the brown house and hears lots of devil tigers groaning in the dark cold  wind outside. 

Our army quickly run down the cellar while the devil toothed tigers begin to knock the door of safety down to eat our pure bodies of pleasure.  We slowly walk down the thin grey steps  mystery until we reach the bottom of the deep underground cellar.

At that moment the devil toothed tigers  beak in and walk around the large brown building while the knights close the cellar door locking our bodies deep in the underground tunnels  The silver prince leads us down a long dark tunnel of torture while the horses use their special torches to pave the way to horror. 

We walk down the very thin tunnels of mystery until we arrive at a  big old underground  castle of mystery.  The horses shine  their torches at the  big orange gate of mystery while screams ring out from behind its dark walls of horror. 

At that  moment  the big orange gate of horror opens up  while a black drawbridge  comes down to reveal the insides of a derelict castles ruins. Our army of braves then walk inside the castle ruins and notice  a large  hallway in a dark corner.

All of a sudden the gates suddenly start to shut and the drawbridge begins to close while we all run to escape.  The horses just miss out on an escape  when the  castle entrance shuts tight with a loud bang of evil. 

The silver prince looks around the castle ruins for an escape until a sinister  shout rings out in our shocked minds followed by  a sinister laugh from hate.  At that moment  the ruins suddenly become faded  and the castle has become restored to its glory of horror. 

I hold a very scared luitent megs while the horses and silver prince become very  concerned and frightened.  All of a sudden the silver knights begin to notice a ghostly army of roman  vampires begin to appear in front of our shocked faces and begin to panic. 

The horses then trigger their  force field of safety while the roman vampires begin grabbing some of the silver knights scared bodies.  We sit tight under the horses  field of safety while the  roman vampires with their green faces of torture begin to rip the skin from the poor  silver knights necks and drink the silver blood from their tortured bodies.

Our army sit and wait while the vampires drag the captured bodies away towards a  dark tunnel in the  strange old castle of torture. I hold a shocked luitent megs while the  horses protect us under our bubble of safety whilst the vampires feed from the captured knights bodies. 

written by wayne mockler
ownership and copyright wayne mockler

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