COVID and the Melbourne response

By Colgate | My photo journey | 6 Jun 2021



Ok I am going to do something I don't normally do and talk about current events. Anyone that follows me know I like to talk about art, crypto or family. I avoid any hot topics like the, excuse the pun, plague.

I am luck to live in Melbourne where we have eradicated COVID a few times and have had long lockdowns but also time of no make no feat no COVID. Recently we got an infection thst escaped from a hotel quarantine for international travellers to Australia.

This has taken us into a lockdown and a call to get tested. I live in the outskirts of Melbourne and this is the turn out we have at a small testing center down a small aide street. It crossed streets and fireststions, leaving break where needed. Amazing turn put from people willing to wait hours to get tested. Yesterday 50,000 got tested, 0.1% of the population and this is occurring every day.

Look this post has no set purpose or message, I just want to highlight the generosity of people giving up time to get tested and enable the community to return to safety.

All photos are my own unless otherwise stated. Photos taken with Samsung Mobile. Edits in Lightroom App

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My photo journey
My photo journey

I like to take photos and tell story's, here are some of them

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