Reverse a String

By Cooldudue | My Coding adventure | 6 May 2022

This was a pretty easy one. From the previous problem, I knew how to convert a string to an array of char. Then I had to make a copy of the array but in Java, it's not as easy as saying a=b. Then I looped through the first array replacing each letter with the corresponding letter of the second array. Boom easy peasy. Tomorrow I will create a method that can count how many duplicate words are in a string.

Check out my code on GitHub.

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My Coding adventure
My Coding adventure

Hello, I am a recent graduate from the University of Cape Town. I have a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Applied Mathematics. I am interested in becoming a developer. If you are interested in hiring please check out my CV and we can get in contact. I will be posting any projects I am working on here. My Java is a little rusty so I will be working on small problems to familiarise myself again. My CV:

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