The Hive Position Of F*** You!

By Steve Hodl | My Path To Fire | 5 Apr 2022

The traditional position of F you as elaborated on by Jon Goodman in The Gambler states that you need to get up to $2.5M, buy a house with a 25-year mortgage and buy an indestructible Japanese economy car. You put the rest into the system paying 3-5% to pay your taxes and that's your base, that's your fortress of solitude. That puts you at a level for the rest of your life of F you!

This would allow you to be free and not feel the need to do anything that you don't want to do. If your boss is annoying you at work.. well you get it!


But what does the position of F you look like with Hive or HBD?

$2.5M would be equal to 2.273k of Hive at the exchange rate of $1.10 per Hive. Although don't go changing that all at once as you would flatten the market.

You would need maybe 10% for a downpayment on a house, say something costing $500k would be $50k. You would also need at least $10k for your Japanese car. This would leave $2.44M left to convert to Hive or HBD.

The system is paying 3-5%, so with the 5% return in fiat, you would get a $122k return on your $2.44M per year. If you stay in a high tax country, let's say your average combined tax rate would be 50% including all social security deductions etc. leaving you with $61k per year.

If we park that in HBD instead, you could get 12% currently. This would mean your return would be around $292k per year. If you stay in a high tax country, with a 50% average tax rate as above, that leaves $146k after tax.

The Hive position of F you certainly seems far more attractive! I would say that you also don't need $2.5M to be in that position. How about around half that amount should get you to a similar position.

With $1.28M, you could come out similar to the fiat position. $60K for house and car would leave $1.22M to invest in HBD. This would @12% produce an annual income of $146k. After taxes around $73k.

I hope to see you all in a position of F you soon!

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Steve Hodl
Steve Hodl

A crypto Hodler playing with FIRE

My Path To Fire
My Path To Fire

A crypto hodler playing with FIRE

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