Tally Ho, Yippety Dap & Zing Zang Spillip!

By Steve Hodl | My Path To Fire | 25 Jul 2022

Looking forward to bullying off for the final chukka?


Those are the famous last words of General Sir Anthony Cecil Hogmany Melchett. This has now been modernised and brought into the world of crypto thanks to the team at Tally Ho! Not just designed for upper-class Toffs, it is also to be used by your average decentralised Crypto enthusiast.

Tally Ho is a browser wallet alternative to the famous Metamask. It claims to be more of a community wallet with fees being put back into the DAO. This means it is owned by its users and is a fully web 3.0 structure, unlike Metamask.


But how is the useability? Let's check, is it easy to install and use?

On their website, you have the option to install on Chrome, Firefox, and Brave. I decide to install it for Brave. The wallet is available as an extension in the Chrome web store.


It is added in just a few seconds. I pin the cute dog picture so that it's easily reachable when needed:


Tally Ho is still in test mode but seemed to work seamlessly for me so far. I created a new wallet. It took only a few seconds to set up a password and record the keyphrase somewhere safe. Once set up, it looks like as shown below:


You have the usual wallet functions to send assets and swap them. It is also possible to store Polygon assets in the wallet.

To receive my first assets there, it is possible to click receive and you can either scan the barcode or copy the address into the clipboard for fast use. This could be useful for those wanting to withdraw their ETH from Publish0x or from an exchange somewhere.

At the moment there is a lot of distrust of CEX's and holding your ETH directly in the Tally Ho wallet could be a nice option, especially with the recent fall in gas prices.

The advantage over Metamask for me is that it is a DAO structure and well, the true ownership of Metamask is not so transparent. This decentralised structure seems more appealing because it is owned by the users.


It is well-known speculation that the parent company of Metamask has JP Morgan and possibly other Wall Street banks as major shareholders, so it could be worth considering if you don't want to use a wallet supported by the world's banking cartel.

I joined the discord channel and there is a large community of users there already. Here I learned more about the DAO structure and the aims of using Tally Ho. You can report bug fixes and request new features.

The wallet is open source and has bridges for use with Uniswap. It now boasts improved Opensea integration which is good because I like to buy NFTs from Opensea. There were also community calls going on when I was there so there are plenty of things to get involved in if you would like.

Thanks for reading.



Tally Ho screenshots taken from their website and browser App here.
Images of General Melchett taken from video stills here and cartoonised by myself. Used under fair-use section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976.

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Steve Hodl
Steve Hodl

A crypto Hodler playing with FIRE

My Path To Fire
My Path To Fire

A crypto hodler playing with FIRE

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