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Splinterlands - Hustling in the Peakmonsters Market!

By Steve Hodl | My Path To Fire | 11 Aug 2022

Hello Splinterfans!

Splinterlands is a game with many different levels to it. The slogan Play, Trade, and Earn is well known. I have been doing plenty of playing, today I want to look at earning and what opportunities there are.


Some cards I have been buying to see if they might rent and then later sell at a markup are Nectar Queen.

So here from the chart I have made, you can see the trend of the card price which seems to get lower over time. There are also the low prices for the cards which I have marked and then the high prices of the cards that I have marked.

So the aim here would be to try and buy these cards at or near their low prices and sell them again near their high prices. As with all markets, prices fluctuate over time, so you may need to be patient.

It is also worth putting in prices that are above the low price to encourage a sale. Trying to get a new low price is probably less likely to happen than if you put a price above the low.

As we can see with the Nectar Queen there is a nice range within which there could be trading opportunities.

Here I have managed to buy them at $0,21 or 356 DEC and then later sell them for $0,273 or 438 DEC. This may not seem like very much profit on just 2 cards, but if you can hustle and make $1 or $2 per day it all adds up. Here is just a simple example where I made 164 DEC or $0,124!

Considering my end-of-season rewards were $0,74. A little more hustling and I can almost double my returns!!

Something to be aware of is the fluctuating price of DEC. So where the $ price may have increased, you may receive less DEC! This is only good if you are selling the card and getting fiat straight away. If like me and you are keeping it in crypto, it is better to have a higher DEC value.

Are you hustling in the Peakmonsters markets?

Let me know in the comments below.

Thanks for reading.


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