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Splinterlands - End of Season 105 Highlights

By Steve Hodl | My Path To Fire | 4 Mar 2023

Hello Splinterfans!

Season 105 has come to an end and during the season we had many new developments in the game. Splinterlands has got to be one of the most dynamic games that I know of and it is still very addictive to play. I will mention a few of the things that I found interesting.

First, we had a new Summoner drop Lily Shieldpaw and I decided to buy a copy straight away. Although I don't usually play the dragon splinter very often, I thought it would be good fun to try out this powerful summoner. The camouflage and triage abilities look like they could be quite fun and powerful to play with.

The next news we had was related to when we finish a season, we don't need to start so far back in the lower league and climb back up so much. I am really happy about this development because I am not so keen on battling in the silver league as many of my monsters lose their abilities that I am familiar with battling and you need to use different monsters and tactics.

Spending just 1 day in silver before being back in gold is a nice relief from this. When I first started the game, the huge number of abilities and complexity of the battles were overwhelming, but the lower league battles are now too slow for me and not enough going on compared to gold league battles.


Looking at my last 3 seasons, my performance has been pretty stable although my win/loss ratio has improved and my ranking improved quite a bit, especially in modern.


My End of Season chests were much improved over last season although I got a similar amount of chests. This time I got a decent amount of reward cards and a chaos legion pack which is always good to get.


My full season rewards were also quite decent when I pulled 2 chaos legion packs from one daily rewards haul. Last season I had a drought of chaos legion packs, so it is good to finally get some. I opened the packs and they had a few useful cards for my water deck too. Win/win.

I have decided to stay in the gold league still this season as battling fo the diamond chests is quite hard and I should probably take my summoners to max level first.

As well as buying the new dragon summoner, I have made a few key upgrades to my deck. I was getting often some rewards reduced because of playing low level cards and I have tried to go through my most used cards and particularly ones that I have neglected and try and level them up.


MacGuiver my bot account has completed his fourth season and has been on a roll. I have kept him back in the silver league because he loses too much rewards with his level 1 cards, although he has quite a good selection now.


MacGuiver even picked up a chaos legion pack which was a good boost to his deck. In the second half of the season, he started winning more cards which was good as the first half of the season was very slow and low rewards for him.

He only won 17 gold chests, but this season he will be chasing only silver chests so I hope that he will win more.

There is not much of a recovery in the season rentals and there was some big news that the system for rental will change. There is now a trend of moving towards renting decks to encourage and make it easier for new players to join the game plus a 1 DEC charge for each rental or price change on the market.

This will make it unattractive to rent many of the lower level cards on the market and I presume encourage people to level up their cards. The options are to level up the cards and try and rent out higher up the market or try and continue renting at this current level.

My thoughts right now are that I will massively reduce my NFT renting and only keep cards that are currently worth to rent out. The remaining cards I have started to list on the market and sell or level up and improve my deck.


It has been an interesting experiment with card rentals but I want to reduce my exposure to this area and would prefer instead to increase my SPS stake.

My plans for this season are to keep aiming to stack as many of the new reward cards as possible and build my SPS stack. I am also keen to buy a new water summoner to compliment my deck and help my water deck against the evil death deck and power of Thaddius Brood. Can you guess which summoner that might be?

That's all for this update.

Thanks for reading.


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Steve Hodl
Steve Hodl

A crypto Hodler playing with FIRE

My Path To Fire
My Path To Fire

A crypto hodler playing with FIRE

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