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Splinterlands - A Tale of Fire & Water - Part 2

By Steve Hodl | My Path To Fire | 11 Feb 2023

A tale of FIRE & ICE WATER

Hello Splinterfans!

Welcome to part 2 of my Fire and Water Splinter series. Last week we looked at the Fire Splinter and this week we look at what the Water Splinter has to offer.


Fire & Water.jpg


After seeing what the fire splinter has to offer, do you think the water splinter is up to the challenge? Let's see by first checking what powerful summoners there are.


My favorite and go-to summoner for the water deck is the mighty Kelya Frendul. He gives a +1 shield and speed buff and this can be very handy for your team if you want to get your attacks in first and defend your weaker monsters.

One of the favorite summoners for many people is the mighty wizard himself Alric Stormbringer. He is giving a +1 magic buff the same as Obsidian but for just a 3 mana cost.





Other interesting summoners are Bortus who inflicts a -1 magic attack on your enemy. So you do not gain any buffs, but debuff your enemy. This can be very useful in certain situations.


Of the legendary summoners, probably the most interesting is the quite recent Possibilus the Wise who gives some interesting buffs to your team. Lir Deepswimmer is also very powerful, but also very expensive, especially at the higher levels.


Choosing a Tank


YpihifdXP4WNbGMdjw7e3DuhJWBvCw4SfuLZsrnJYHEpsqZFkiGGNCQDkRDiYHvbA5nyq9XAm5fByRvfRJGZQYWzjtJcvi3xRUFYDX8MH5v1FBDg8JpamZqFSc2cyuWaQnc21GqAkCZsAnHmHS31daoyJvdDk3MdiXaFVW9XZ7Bk.webp?format=webp&mode=fit The water splinter has a very good selection of tanks for every occasion. My favorite is the very powerful legendary tank Baakjira who can be very powerful with extra health, heal, and void which is great against a magic attack. At a cost of only 6, he can be perfect for those mid-level mana battles.


If your opponent will use magic attack, Djinn Oshannus himself can be a good monster to step up in the tank position. If you are playing wild and a large mana-cap battle, then the beast The Kraken could be a great choice. He is a must even in Splinterforge! With his high health, attack, and swift speed, The Kraken can cause some devastation.

For those lower-level battles, you have Cruel Sethropod, although he is vulnerable to magic attack. Diemonshark is another great tank choice if you are facing a melee opponent.



Melee Attack




A strong advantage of the water splinter is it's array of melee monsters that can prove a deadly combination together.

First up we have the very powerful Pelacor Bandit, with his flying and sneak abilities. He is also already quite fast at level 1. This means together he has a good chance to evade attacks too.


Combined with the opportunity monster Deeplurker with his very powerful attack, you can cause some serious damage to your opponent's backline. If you are looking for some support for your tank, you have some good choices in Flying Squid and Tide Biter. Tide Biter has the awesome reflection shield to prevent him from taking certain types of damage such as blast and thorns.


To complement your melee attack you also have the great demented shark who can give all your melee monsters a +1 melee attack with his inspire ability.



Magic Attack




No mention of the water deck would be complete without a mention of the powerful magic attack available with Alric Stormbringer


The goto card for many is Ruler of the Seas with his high magic attack at a low mana cost of just 6. Combine this with some of his other abilities when upgraded, he can prove very lethal to any opponent. He doesn't come cheap though...


A legendary monster worth mentioning is River Hellondale who can inspire your melee attack proving very deadly and then resurrect allows him to bring a friendly monster back to life. Just imagine it was one with a large shield and we have the weak magic ruleset.


Worthy mentions to your water magic attack are coral wraith with his great sneak magic attack that can catch your opponent unaware and River Nymph with the very powerful cleanse ability. Cleansing your tank from noxious fumes can turn a game around.





The water splinter is fast, has plenty of armor and comes with some good melee and magic attack options. It is a worthy opponent and you would be wise not to underestimate it.


Is the water splinter powerful enough to take on the fire splinter and douse those flames? Who will win when they face off against each other?


We will find out next week in the final part when they do battle.

Thanks for reading.


The title image was created in Canva with images from MartinStr and kummod and Splinterlands images are from Splinterlands.

Splinterlands cards are from Splinterlands.

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Steve Hodl
Steve Hodl

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My Path To Fire
My Path To Fire

A crypto hodler playing with FIRE

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