Reaching 100 HBD Milestone - Building Passive Income with Hive

By Steve Hodl | My Path To Fire | 5 May 2022

As part of my journey on Hive to build 2ETH per month of crypto income, HBD will start to play a big role in that. Today I reached the first milestone of 100HBD after making a transfer to my savings.


This is HBD that I have earned through Hive and booked into my HBD savings account. The great thing about this now is that although HBD pays 20% headline APY, the REAL compounded return is 22%!!!


What this means is that I can now expect 22 HBD extra passive income per year. This equates to around 1.83HBD per month. This is how you turn active income into passive income. This may not seem much now, but once things start compounding, they can start to grow fast.

It has taken me around 4 months to get to my first 100HBD and hopefully with the power of compounding returns, the second 100HBD should be much faster. This is because as a snowball gets bigger, it starts rolling faster!

Active -> Passive

There is no such thing as a free lunch and you need to put the work in at the beginning. But once you build those passive income streams, it all starts to add up.

Currently, HBD income would be in place 6 of my crypto incomes, but my goal is that it will slowly over time rise up the list and be one of my top crypto income sources.

What do you have planned with your HBD?

Thanks for reading.

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