My Hive Goals - Weekly Update 12

By Steve Hodl | My Path To Fire | 6 Apr 2022

It is week 12 and 7 days have passed since the last update. I have made 137 (+15) posts so far. I have been posting under the LeoFinance and WeAreAlive tribes as they are the areas that interest me the most.

March is now passed and it's time to check how I am doing against my monthly and yearly goals. I am going to set quarterly goals going forward as monthly goals are too short. Quarterly and Yearly should be good lengths of time to use.


I managed to reach all my goals by quite a large margin, helped a lot by some power-ups that I did.


I managed to smash past my Leo Power goal of 150 by powering up and will set a new challenging goal for the year.

My HiveBuzz ranking jumped around 6000 places this week from 36147 to 29936 based on reputation. My aim is to try and get into the top 10000.


My curation is at 0,1% and I need a lot of work on this part. The thing is I can't help upvoting lots of posts I like and my vote % drops so it doesn't curate so much. To help that along I have delegated some HP to some accounts to see if it makes any difference.


Here you can see my account growth over the last 3 months. With the increase in HP, I have been able to comment and interact with the community more. This is not always good to stick my nose in everywhere though! lol


From my yearly goals, I achieved already 2 of them. The Leo Power 200 target has been hit and the Hive Power 100 also hit thanks to powering up. The target of 100 Followers is currently 28%.

I've now updated my yearly goals and will monitor these going forward.


Some other goals that I want to achieve in the next few days are to buy my first NFT on Hive. I'm browsing the many options and hope to pull the trigger soon.

Thanks for reading.

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