MEME Is Ready With NFTS- Try Your Luck

By Suny Ag | My Own | 21 Apr 2021

Now, this is clear that the Year 2021 is going to belong to NFTs in the Crypto World. The trend of the crypto community is increasing rapidly in this direction. The MEME project is a completely NFT based project. Their website called explains it well. They called the token of this project as we all know MEME and its total circulation and supply limited to only 28000 tokens.

If we talk about some of the lowest token projects, MEME would be the best among them. The purpose of creating the MEME project is to provide artists with a platform where they can showcase their art. On the MEME project, you can buy limited and rare NFTs. One advantage of this project is that you can get the MEME token here. After staking, you can buy NFT from the rewards available from it.

You can then stack your token on MEME’s website by bringing a MEME token on any web3 interface like Metamask. Tokens per account are limited to 5. You can keep the number of MEME tokens stacked up to 5 and your return will depend on Pineapples will be available to you every 24 hours based on your MEME tokens.

Then you can exchange these Pineapples, and become the owner of NFTs. You can buy NFTs from this platform from time to time, as and when artists keep bringing their limited number of NFTs. After that, you can sell these NFTs on the Opensea Platform. The fees you pay for buying these NFTs from pineapple go to the artist who made the NFT.

Right now the price of a MEME token is close to $1933 at the time of writing this post that has gone up to $4000 in the past. Because this project has recently come up with version 2 and hopefully it will go up in the future, as a lot is going on and a lot to be done in the field of NFTs here.

I expect the price of this token bound to go up. You can buy some tokens now and make a stake and an opportunity to buy NFTs. The future of this project seems bright.

NOTE- As Usual, this is not an economical suggestion. The author takes no responsibility for loss or profit. I am not associated with this project.

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