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AI–What is AI and why are we worried about our future?

By Suny Ag | My Own | 25 May 2021

Artificial Intelligence–Is it good for humans?

When we think of Artificial Intelligence, our imagination reaches up to security, smart lighting, and domestic gadgets or at the most to driverless cars or at most at automation in advanced industry. We, the common people, have not yet reached

smart fridges, automatic lights, and various other uses AI provides in daily life.

But that is not all about AI

Soon the AI is going to have its impact on our everyday life. It will spread in many more areas. Here are a few, for example, in AL is already being used in economics, technical topics, and even in the law department. AI will soon replace manual security, way of verification including validation, security, and control of systems.

There is strong concern over certain issues like what if Artificial Intelligence takes over humans and leaves them jobless! Yes, that is possible AI can leave Human intelligence way behind and take over the world. That sounds funny but not impossible, but not in near future.

Let’s think positively. Let’s think it will soon bring all the revolutionary inventions to help humans and not for human destruction. The new technology will help us in getting rid of diseases, keep us away from wars and not only used for mass-scale massacres and help us fight poverty.

Artificial Intelligence is getting more powerful, more intelligent, and achieving newer targets at a very brisk pace, which makes me feel proud and afraid at the same time! Sometimes I feel I am getting better tools that solve my problems instantly like I have a virtual assistant in my office that takes care of most of the business routines.

But I feel and even worried about my future at the same time. Would the AI become so powerful one day that it will take my job away? I am sure I will not live to that point but it’s for sure that people will lose their job because the employers will have the choice to allot many jobs for robots or virtual assistants. Am I right? Or just playing a guessing game!

All is well with Artificial Intelligence?

Maybe in most cases, the AI is doing well for humanity but it can harm the world with its unlimited devastating capacity as well. I am afraid, one day a crazy dictator will put his thumb at the ‘Red Button’ of weapons of mass destruction and the entire area would disappear into the thin air.

Artificial intelligence has given an unlimited power of hitting the target with precession but it has developed the technology to counter such weapons so there is some hope left too. Remember about anti-guided missiles?

There is no doubt the world has already divided into two different categories of people who think differently about the future of artificial intelligence. There are cheerful people who think the future is safe with artificial intelligence and there are people who think that the day will come when AI will interfere with day-to-day activities and job security is certainly one of them.

AI- In My Views

If you ask about my personal views! I am hundred percent sure that AI will become powerful enough but would never match human intelligence or replace the human brain in totality. I also do not believe that robots will ever be as sensitive as humans having the capacity of showing love or grief so let’s wait and watch what’s in store for us.


In the meantime, let AI grow and bring better technology for humans. Let’s hope for the best and forget all worries. There is no doubt some of our worries are genuine, but then that is common for all technologies and developments.

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