I am at a crossroads with Publish0x

By TrocProcLock | My other Passions | 15 Mar 2022

This isn't a post against Publish0x but more so my role in Publish0x. I have been on Publish0x for 2+ years at this point and sure I have my opinions. I wish the post editor was updated and had more options and better UI (like oh idk https://peakd.com/). However Publish0x has treated me well all these years and I wouldn't change my time here.


However as of late I have been on a real deep dive into crypto and certain token origins and trying to find real facts out about various blockchains. I have searched the innerwebs countless times for information and time and time again I open up a article written by an everyday Joe-Nobody and I find that the articles are severely lacking anything credible or tangible. It made me take a long hard look at my posts on Publish0x. I remember when I first joined Publish0x as a writer I had the Brave blog pinned at the ready so that anytime a new update went live I could quickly write a post about it and hopefully get a few more followers and tips and be helpful. It was a sad time haha in my crypto blogging journey.

I then moved into documenting my various blockchain game experiences and I have done the "detailed" review of a blockchain or two. They are severely lacking. It has brought me to a point where I don't really want to post crap content anymore. I don't say that my content was all crap but I think most of my posts could have used more time to be written and re-read and information added. 

I am not a professional blogger or writer. I write for fun and to help others. But if I am posting incomplete information or posts am I really helping anybody? This isn't to say I am done writing though. The more I thought about it, the more I wanted to take my time writing. So my posts are most likely not going to be about "new" things that just went live the day before. If there is a post about a "new" game then it will be after I have played it for weeks and gotten a better feel for it. I do believe I have been very good about not posting articles unless I have proven that it does pay out. 

There was also a time I created NFT's for fun and to give away on posts to add a little flair to them. While I am not against creating NFT's (I have another collection I am working on right now) I don't want to try to trick people to comment on my posts in order to get better rankings on Publish0x. If my article sucks I want to know. If people want to follow me I want to know. Maybe this is my midlife-crypto-crisis. I want to turn over a new leaf and be better.


It is so easy to just post pictures and meme's to fill up the space and make the article appear better then it is. I want to work for my views and tips. I want to post quality content. I am sick of reading articles that are just posted so the author can post an article a day and get the tips. Sure it's not easy to do that but it also isn't hard to do it either. 

I have so many things in flux right now that I want to write articles on that I think will actually be beneficial. I am really digging into the Fantom blockchain and using the Liquidity pools that they have. I have a new NFT collection in the works. I have started playing new blockchain games that I really like so far. So don't worry, this isn't a goodbye. This is just more of a "see you less often" type of message.


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I am a crypto enthusiast and also a crypto noob :) Just trying to learn more each day.

My other Passions
My other Passions

I love everything tech but sometimes I also like to post about things that are not purely tech or crypto.

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