Photography + Digital Art - My Album Artwork for my Song 'Reborn'

Photography + Digital Art - My Album Artwork for my Song 'Reborn'



Hey Publish0x!

This album artwork was a combination of photography and digital art, and is one of my favorites so far!

To take this photo, I hired my friend Liz who is an awesome photographer. We went to the top of a mountain and set up a tripod. We did two shots, one with nothing in the foreground and just mountains in the background, and one with me standing on a stool in the foreground

When Liz went to edit the photo, she removed the stool and blended in the original background, creating the effect of me floating.

Once she sent me this, I started working on the digital side. I added multiple layers in the background consisting of multiple royalty free images I found online. Blending in a forest, a sun, sacred geometry, and a layered wash effect totally brought this whole concept together.

I'm super happy with how it turned out!
Here's the full song if you'd like to check it out!

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