Over 2 Million Spotify Streams - New Milestone!!

Over 2million Spotify Streams


Thank you all so much for helping me reach over 2 Million Streams on Spotify!!

Every single stream counts and helps me to continue making and producing this music.


At the time of this writing, my top three songs currently are:

  • 1) Let Go - 810k Streams with over 21k saves
  • 2) Illuminate - 252k Streams with over 10k saves
  • 3) Feelin Great' - 130k Streams with over 3k saves


    I'm extremely blessed to hit these milestones and couldn't have done it without my fans and supporters!

    Bryan Divisions Spotify


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Conscious Fitness
Conscious Fitness

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My Original Music
My Original Music

In this blog, I'll be sharing all of my own original and self produced music under my artist name, Bryan Divisions. I bring a new and unique style of spiritually conscious rap to the world, check it out!

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