Bryan Divisions - 'Feelin Great' (Live in Studio)

By Bryan Divisions | My Original Music | 23 Aug 2020


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‘Feelin Great’ ✨
Two roads, which will I take, yeah
I've been on the path of love
And the path of pain yeah
I'm forever changed
Never be the same
I'm about to level up and rewrite this game
A character in my own destiny
Yes it seems
Life has always had a way of testing me
Directing me, to find my truth and bring out the best in me
A recipe of light and dark
I took the leap and went and jumped off
The edge was steep but I felt the call
To become great and never stop
No matter the obstacle I could never quit
I'd take a thousand losses for a single win
Didn't have much when I started than the wish
To find the true causes of how we're meant to live

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Bryan Divisions
Bryan Divisions

I'm a musician who loves enriching my life through the mental, physical, and spiritual!

My Original Music
My Original Music

In this blog, I'll be sharing all of my own original and self produced music under my artist name, Bryan Divisions. I bring a new and unique style of spiritually conscious rap to the world, check it out!

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