1 Million Streams on My Original Song 'Let Go'

By Bryan Divisions | My Original Music | 13 Aug 2021

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✨Achievement Unlocked!!✨ 1 Million Spotify streams on Let Go!

I remember being 10 years old writing lyrics in notepads to express myself and my feelings. So to see 1 Million streams on a song with a conscious message that I wrote, produced and recorded myself is insane.

Much love and gratitude to everyone who has supported me, even if it’s simply by listening to my music.

This is only the beginning 🔥🔥🔥


Much love,
Bryan Divisions

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Bryan Divisions
Bryan Divisions

I'm a musician who loves enriching my life through the mental, physical, and spiritual!

My Original Music
My Original Music

In this blog, I'll be sharing all of my own original and self produced music under my artist name, Bryan Divisions. I bring a new and unique style of spiritually conscious rap to the world, check it out!

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