Price Update: Cryptocurrency Markets Increase By 0.77% But There Is A Big Bull Run Coming

Price Update: Cryptocurrency Markets Increase By 0.77% But There Is A Big Bull Run Coming

By Dominus1 | My News Gh | 18 Apr 2020

Good day as usual, it a brand new day for crypto traders, hodlers and just curiosities. When I say curiositors, I mean those curious about what cryptocurrency is and have an interest in owning a cryptocurrency token of choice.

Let get back to business.f60ab4dd817985370c35fa344c281a7ef8227c3d0c8b77df7993e22e43a71232.jpeg

My last cryptocurrency price markets update was about all assets having a combined increase or jump of 6.65%. Fast forward in 24 hours and the combined increases and decreases yielded a dividend of +0.77%, which isn't a bad thing at all.

Why because a small increase in price value for cryptocurrency holders, hodlers or traders is far more better than a decrease in price value unless you want to purchase an asset.

As usual, some tokens or Crypto assets and Fiats had decreases in values but the majority had price value increases which.


Let take a look at the performances of the top 20 cryptocurrencies listed on coinbase;

The market was up by 0.77%.


BTC for instance had an increase of 0.37%, that is sustaining itself on the $7k it reached yesterday. The price increase has 1 BTC trading at $7,1103.39.

Etherium also stood ground as it increased in price percentage of 1.58% with the current price standing at $173.35.

XRP jumped 1.22% ($0.19). Same goes to brave Browser's Basic Attention Token (BAT) which continued it growth as it pushes to grow above $0.17. It's percentage increase was 1.18%.

Other Cryptocurrency tokens and assets to have price market percentage increases are :


Bitcoin Cash 1.07% ($234.94) ,

Litecoin 1.20% ($42.68)  ,

EOS, 0.89% ($2.65)

Tezos  1.68% ($2.13),

Chainlink 2.00% ($3.52) , 

Stellar lumens 1.35% ($0.0495) ,

Dash 3.30% ($78.48) , 

Etherium Classic (EthC)1.15% ( $5.48)

Cosmos (ATOM) 1.17% ($2.41),

Zcash (ZEC) 8.26% ($41.67)

Ox (TRX) 2.49% ($0.17),

Augur (REP) 0.91% ($10.03),

Kyber Network (KNC) 0.58% ($0.48)

Orchid (OXT) 3.25% ($0.18).

Stablecoin Dai was the only cryptocurrency token or asset in coinbase's top 20 that had a loss in price percentage of 0.17% with market price standing at $1.02.

Watch out for my next Article which I will do shortly as I explain a big Bull Run going to happen this weekend starting today as the whales start moving assets to. The focus is on the almighty BTC.

Leave your comments regarding your take on the price performance of the cryptocurrency market within the last 24 hours.


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