Microsoft Using It Start Menu Ads To Promote It's Edge Browser

By Dominus1 | My News Gh | 11 Feb 2020

351665157-5a7aaa4d705ed340895db8dd428f964b416973027333acbe58d2ed0507a6bfc5.jpegTech giant Microsoft recently released it Edge Browser built and based on chromium. The company after releasing the chromium based Edge Browser has gone a bit further to promote it in every way possible.

Microsoft has started to advertise the Edge Browser on the Start Menu in Windows 10's and Windows 8's by suggesting Firefox users to quit using Firefox and try the new Edge Browser. 

351665157-b961280a399ef7c89bc0d34cdcf642eb61671920e8026d20e47e8d161a48edd4.jpegThis isn't the first time the tech giant has targeted other techs and also not the first time of using the start menu to advertise their new softwares.

Microsoft uses these phrase or sentence in advertising their new Edge Browser351665157-2f781ac5e75323c037dfb845af1ad9db4800bf6214a481e3b60073540f9ee9ab.jpeg

"Still using Firefox? Microsoft Edge is here".

When you click on the ad, it takes you to the download page of Microsoft where you can download their new software.351665157-0d46eefc29057e3e4585b8b38f2d6edb11a1abf9f8882a6b52846bd509ccdd33.jpeg

Do you think the new Microsoft Browser is good and can protect your privacy? 🤔

Download Brave Browser which is known for its ability to protect your data as well as preventing unwanted advertisement from Google and third party websites.

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