How I Got Into Cryptocurrencies And The Affiliate Links That Paid Off

By Dominus1 | My News Gh | 10 May 2020

0f3cefc52a0d01c4265e480ccd6c44bb3f43326cf3014a8e9406b7a85236aae8.jpegI have been in the cryptocurrency world or era for 7 months now (starting somewhere in November) and I have earned some dollars (hundreds and not thousands) since I got myself into cryptocurrencies. 

Joining affiliate and Airdrop program was the first step I took when I came into cryptocurrency.

Infact all my initial affiliate links paid off but Airdrop was a sham until somewhere February when I earned some Airdrops.

Initially I was introduced into cryptocurrencies by a friend who asked to download telegram for him to show me how I can earn some digital money and later cash out which I did without hesitation because I believed in him.

He referred me with his affiliate link to join . After I did, he started to show me how to go about it to earn some cryptocurrencies. He only introduced me to one (litecoin click bot) but wanting to know more of cryptocurrencies and different types of crypto, I did some telegram research where I got to know there are also click bots for some other tokens as well.


Here are the 5 click bots I got to know including litecoin.

ZCash ClickBot

Bitcoin ClickBot

Bitcoin Cash ClickBot

Doge ClickBot

Litecoin ClickBot

You may be wondering whether these bots really pay or not? Yes it pays unless you have never heard of it and tried it before which may lead you to doubt.

I know you are asking yourself, How much did you earn with these bots and howany days, weeks or months did you use them?


Actually, I made $1 on litecoin, $0.5 on Bitcoin, $1.05 on Zcash, $0.56 on Bitcoin Cash and a merry $0.20 on Dogs (click bots).

One of such click bots led me to the Brave Browser and from there voila, things started to look good.

I met many affiliate links, tried some of them which paid off and the rest were just a sham.

For now, I have different platforms where I earn some cryptocurrencies for blogging (Will tell you in a new Article, how I learnt about Publish0x and other blogging platforms and my income).

Below are some of them which you can try to earn some decent amount of cryptocurrencies.







Airdrop links


Trust Wallet (100 TWT Tokens)


Atomic Wallet (15 AWC)


Bet fury

PalmPay Wallet


Brave Browser Rewards

Cryptotab Browser Mining

BTC Survey

Don't forget to join my Telegram Groups where we talk about cryptocurrencies, and more;


Brave And BAT Fans Group (World Wide)

NB: Unlike other bloggers who are just here to make money, I do like to make money off crypto as well but my passion is to write articles on what I like and not focus on the little money I make off it. The little I make, I give it to orphanages as gifts so they can also be happy to receive something to eat. Helping the needy is my biggest passion.

You should try to do same in your country too. Cheers!!!

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