Final Brave Browser Update To Fix Brave Rewards Claim Rolled Out

Final Brave Browser Update To Fix Brave Rewards Claim Rolled Out

By Dominus1 | My News Gh | 23 May 2020


Final Brave Android version to fix Brave Rewards claim is rolled out.

Brave Browser users on Android were Unable to claim their earned bat for viewing privacy respecting Ads on mobile as there was a bug in claiming the rewards.

Although, as we reported about a week ago, there were two new versions rolled out to fix the issue but not all Issues were fixed.

But now, the new Brave Android version release fixes all the known bugs which prevented rewards being claimed.801af8cd037d00056a57260380e13c07e02e90ee625e95d131b9137bb73c7fdc.jpeg

This is a good news to frustrated brave users who almost gave up because of not being able to reclaim rewards.

For now, you can update your Brave Browser Android to the latest version 1.8.93 and reclaim all rewards stuck in the browser.

Other key additions made to the Brave Browser for Android can be read below;

"Added support for referral background images and top sites on the New Tab Page. (#8217)

Removed the “Telephone” permission. (#9454)

Disabled background ad notifications by default. (#8641)

Fixed Twitter displaying “Something went wrong” when toggling “Cross-site cookies blocked” using the shields panel. (#9489)

Fixed video not playing in background in certain cases. (#9463)

Fixed intermittent crash in ad confirmations due to invalid wallet. (#9651)

Fixed sponsored images on New Tab Page being cropped after rotation. (#8892)

Fixed URL overlapping tab count when using private tab and the bottom toolbar is disabled. (#9040)

Upgraded to Chromium 81.0.4044.129. (#9734)

BAT tokens earned on mobile for viewing ads can be used to tip your favorite content creators. BAT Token is used to support the Brave project.

BAT is a digital cryptocurrency and not accepted worldwide.

The batproject was built on it own on the Ethereum Blockchain but have being integrated on all brave browsers to reward Brave users.

Download Brave Browser to Claim your lost BAT token in the previous version

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