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Cryptocurrency Markets Are Down Again By 3.86%. Is The Future Bright Or Bleak?

By Dominus1 | My News Gh | 16 Apr 2020

Good day friends, it's another day for us all to enjoy but not so enjoyable as cryptocurrency market prices in various tokens are down.3143414223-c2651ba70604082f81eaf3b3f0353540339512127c6b288b3e88d9cf3f2e010b.jpeg

The future for most cryptocurrencies look bleak for now with regards to how the market trend has undertaking.

Over 24 hours ago, the cryptocurrency market prices was up a little bit by 0.15% but in the course of the day, things changed with markets recording losses.

For now, cryptocurrencies price markets are down by 3.86%.3143414223-22a4fe2b3952b7bc1e04742784cfc13297618e2cd0f713717a36b13ab48a5fa9.jpeg

With the exception of Dai, all 20 major cryptocurrencies listed on coinbase recorded losses in price percentage. Dai was the only cryptocurrency to recorded a price growth of 0.21% (Remember Dai is a stable cryptocurrency).


As the table above shows, the 19 major remaining cryptocurrencies all incurred losses or had download growth movement. Their trade curve took downturn. The bulls couldn't react to grab hold of the situation.

Bitcoin (BTC) known as the mother of all cryptocurrencies moved downwards from $6.9k to over $6.63k with a percentage reduction of -3.67%. Etherium followed suit with percentage decrease of -4.12%.


The rest are litecoin, -5.81% ; XRP -4.42% ; Bitcoin Cash -4.68% ; EOS -3.18% ; Tezos -3.05% ; Chainlink -5.36% ; Stellar Lumens -4.89% ; Dash -5.19% ; Etherium Classic -5.15% ; Cosmos -5.72% ; Zcash -2.82% ; BAT -5.65% ; Ox -4.94% ; Augur -3.62% ; Kyber Network -3.83% and Orchid -3.98%.

USD Coin still remain the same as it does not go up or down. It price remain and will continue to remain $1 no matter what.3143414223-0186bc9962f1faddde34b846a6a34bbfa4989a4fcfb9133e0b1639ce9cb15f54.png

BAT looked promising but has been shaky as well with big growth and great falls as well. Won't be long to see BAT and other small tokens gaining weight after the Bitcoin halving.

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With the current trend of cryptocurrencies especially BTC and the upcoming halving, if BTC do not experience some great bull runs before the halving, most miners will gain massive losses with regards to BTC mining and the cost involve. The gainers will be those with good hardwares.

NB: If you have a different opinion or comment you can share but be warned don't share or post criticism in here. I will delete any well intended criticism to this article. Let all comments be on the Cryptocurrency Price market, how your various cryptocurrencies are performing. Thanks 😊😘😘!!!


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