Cryptocurrencies Price Update; Fall Or Rise In Value?

Cryptocurrencies Price Update; Fall Or Rise In Value?

By Dominus1 | My News Gh | 21 Mar 2020

351665157-1df4721b5f626bca6b9b903f664619d677bd1c6651a25c9bf2dbdd63f9329f81.jpegIt another great weekend. It would have been a time of rest for most workers but due to Coronavirus, every single day has become a holiday for almost everyone except cryptonators.

It about time to look into how our favorite cryptocurrencies are doing in the forex price market.

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The Question we have been asking for many years now is, is cryptocurrencies a safe haven?

The answer is yes and no. Yes because, you earn a significant interest when the price of your Cryptos you have goes up and up and No when the price in value decrease significantly resulting in a loss of your Cryptos.

Now let us see how our Cryptos are faring today.

The screenshot below gives is the detail explanation and price in value:351665157-dc19b5bbd43827e54ba75f35a795ca6579b10342ea2527c3dd69f753aff40587.png

 BTC, BCH, BAT, Eth, LTC, Maker, etc all lost or decrease in value between 2.35% to 8.62% in the last 24 hours after doing well in the previous 24 hours. Let pray the comes a bullish run during the weekend.

What do you say about the screenshot above? Is your Cryptocurrency doing well in value today?

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