BTC, Eth Drops Down With LTC, BCH Up In The Latest Price Update! Are We In For Good or Bad Trade Market?

BTC, Eth Drops Down With LTC, BCH Up In The Latest Price Update! Are We In For Good or Bad Trade Market?

By Dominus1 | My News Gh | 4 Apr 2020

351665157-e80626a95f1a3c151a2544b6bcfedfb31c3cb2e8588dbe9e105e6f941a02c38c.jpegHappy weekend or Sabbath to everyone reading this post. We aren't in normal times as we used to due to the adverse effect of the novel pandemic Coronavirus which has affected all trade markets including cryptocurrencies.

Last month was the worse so far in 2020 but this Month of April has seen a significant growth in most cryptocurrencies but it has been up and down.351665157-a3ff75765712b0c3be5fcbcd63abf176c28e316ce0a798d249fdede0b594e4ca.jpeg

You may be wondering, why am I doing long explanation with history? Because I want you to understand how far crypto has gone and how things are for now.

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Let me take you to the current performance and prices for all the 20 major cryptocurrencies in the world right now with their percentage increase or decrease:




BTC which is the jack of all cryptocurrencies went down by 0.52% in the last 24 hours, Etherium also followed suit with 0.61% downward curve. Tezos, stellar lumens, chainlink, dash, Etherium classic, cosmos, BAT, Augur, OX and kyber network all decreased in market which made the Crypto price market to be down by -0.11 percent.351665157-20b6c8c649eef9460fcf9d0cdb22c73a312843389f74b311fd04eb4c2e0ac988.jpeg

The rest including BCH, XRP, LTC, EOS, ZCASH,DAI, and Orchid had an increase in market price value which helped sustain and balance the crypto market, if not the lose in price market would have been huge.

What cryptocurrency do you hold, trade or Hodl and in the screenshots above, did it perform well or disappointed you in the course of the last 24 hours?

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My News Gh
My News Gh

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