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Brave Browser Working Hard To Resolve April Ad Payout Issue And More Info Here

By Dominus1 | My News Gh | 8 May 2020

ee58a0c564542edea3aa31ce238e5295799ed021254fcf70940abf04be42cb8b.jpegAs we all know, not everyone has been able to redeem his April Ads payout scheduled to be payed on the 5 of this month, May 2020.

Many people were confused as some thought they won't be paid, newbies even thought brave was a scam to swindle their hard earned BAT acrued in April.

But the good news is, a web developer for 20 years and now working with. brave Browser and it's attention token has revealed that they are working very hard to fix the issue and that in due time everything will be fixed and ads pay out will flow as usual.

(Brave BAT is the cryptocurrency developed by brave browser on the Etherium Blockchain to power and reward users for their attention on the web unlike other browsers).


NB: if you haven't received your payout yet, don't uninstall and re install your brave browser, because if you do so, you will generate a new wallet and your previous wallet address will be lost. Brave won't be responsible then for your Ads payout loss.

@braveSampson a web developer for brave Browser on Twitter wrote

"We're continuing to work on some remaining issues regarding April's ad-earnings payout.

Please do not reinstall Brave or modify browser files in an attempt to remedy this yourself Slightly smiling face This could make it impossible to issue your rewards.

Thank you for your patience!"


This should help cool some nerves as we wait patiently for the Ads payout for April in this month.

In other news, brave has rolled out new updates on it desktop version to 1.8. so do well to update your browser.

Don't forget to follow @brave Sampson for all your brave updated news. He is the go to guy for all your brave needs. 😂😂😂😂

If you haven't downloaded your brave browser yet, do so here and earn fantastic rewards


Brave Browser Rewards

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