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Brave Browser To Introduce Speed Reader Mode In The Next 1 Or 2 Updates

By Dominus1 | My News Gh | 10 May 2020

ee58a0c564542edea3aa31ce238e5295799ed021254fcf70940abf04be42cb8b.jpegBrave Browser is testing the speed reader mode in it developmental works. Plans to roll it out in the preview builds is already underway.

In a matter of weeks, we should be able to see the speed reader in our Brave Browsers after updates.


What Is Speed Reader?

Speed reader is brave browser's version of reader mode which aims to remove non essential content in a website so that a specific page loads faster, 20x to 27 time s faster.

Announcing the new function being tested at preview builds before it release, brave browser's web engineer @braveSampson wrote on Twitter;

"SpeedReader is our approach to Reader Mode, and it's emerging in preview builds of Brave. Our aim is to remove non-essential content [before] the page loads. This yields a faster, safer experience for users. More at"

The new feature will be available on Android at the same time in which the desktop version will be released.

The iOS version will take some time before being rolled out due to Apple's policy of updates.

Adding the speed reader to the brave shield will be of great help to Users of Brave Browser in protecting our data as well as page loading faster without annoying advertisement. No data activity is being tracked on brave and will never be.


Brave Browser is a web browser built with users privacy in mind. The browser protect users data by blocking unwanted Ads whiles no data leaves the brave browser to a third party website. Brave Browser has a utility token called BAT which is built on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Users are tipped with BAT for viewing privacy respecting Ads as well as referring friends and family to use the amazing web browser. Brave users can tip content creators and publishers with their earned BAT.

What do you think of the new to be implemented feature?

Download Brave Browser To Receive Your Free BAT Token As You View Privacy Respecting Ads As Well As Refer Your Friends To Maximize Your Profit!!!

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