Brave Browser To Add Ads Support To Rest Of The World In Coming Browser Updates

Brave Browser To Add Ads Support To Rest Of The World In Coming Browser Updates

By Dominus1 | My News Gh | 12 May 2020


Brave Browser is all but set to add advertising support (Ads) to the rest of the countries that were excluded in the previous updates.

Users who opt in to receive Brave Ads are rewarded with the basic attention token (BAT) which is built on the Ethereum Blockchain. Brave believes users attention is most important as they browse the web hence the need to reward them with their digital token which can be used to purchase giftcards on the TapNetwork or swapped with other currencies using an exchange. You can decide to hold it and sell later too. Trading is another option.


For sometime now, Brave has continued to roll up updates to include countries in which Ads Support was unavailable. The last update added some countries including four African countries like , Morocco, Egypt,Nigeria and Algeria. But the next one or two Brave Browser updates to be rolled out will cover countries that were excluded in the Brave Ads Support.


This was made known by Brave Browser and Basic Attention Token director Luke Mulks on his Twitter handle.

He tweeted “Brace yourselves,


 Ads riding the release trains toward becoming available in nearly every country that isn’t on a sanctions list.

We are working to make sure you all get to see ads when they become available in new regions, if interested.”


Previously, these 68 countries were supported

United States (76)

United Kingdom (40)

Canada (40)

Australia (36)

New Zealand (28)

Ireland (25)

Germany (18)

Singapore (18)

South Africa (18)

India (18)

Cayman Islands (17)

Hong Kong (16)

France (15)

Malaysia (15)

Italy (8)

Philippines (8)

Austria (7)

Denmark (7)

Israel (6)

Mexico (6)

Argentina (6)

United Arab Emirates (5)

Spain (5)

Nigeria (5)

Netherlands (5)

Switzerland (4)

Portugal (4)

Finland (4)

Saudi Arabia (4)

Sweden (4)

Norway (4)

Croatia (3)

Slovenia (3)

Slovakia (3)

Brazil (3)

Czech Republic (3)

Egypt (3)

Peru (3)

Pakistan (3)

Chile (3)

Romania (3)

Iraq (3)

Colombia (3)

Korea, Republic of (2)

Belgium (2)

Albania (2)

Azerbaijan (1)

Poland (1)

Ecuador (1)

Hungary (1)

Indonesia (1)

Algeria (1)

China (1)

Japan (1)

Cambodia (1)

Lithuania (1)

Morocco (1)

Vietnam (1)

Bulgaria (1)

Greece (1)

Serbia (1)

Russian Federation (1)

Bangladesh (1)

Thailand (1)

Turkey (1)

Taiwan (1)

Ukraine (1)


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My next article will cover list of well known websites which a creator or publisher can link his account with in other to receive tips from fellow Brave Browser users.

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