Brave Browser Is On A Mission To Fix The Broken Web.

Brave Browser Is On A Mission To Fix The Broken Web.

By Dominus1 | My News Gh | 6 May 2020


Brave Browser Is on a mission to fix the broken web.

With the introduction of Brave Browser to the web market, there has been significant improvement in the way we browse. The fastness, privacy protection in the form of shield as well as duckduckgo's search engine integrated into the brave Browser which leaves no traces of the browsing activity.

 Brave Browser did not come alone. Brendan Eich brought along Brave Browser with a utility token powered by the Etherium Blockchain to reward users attention on the brave web called Basic Attention Token (BAT).


BAT, ever since it introduction has helped advertisers, publishers and the ordinary person gain much from the web. As advertisers are able to pay users to view their brands or whattm they have to offer, publishers are also paid by the users for their content they view online.

Over the last few years, brave has grown in audience, be it advertisers, publishers or users. f8884da118288b3e30d41924adc30d615375fe9cec9ef34628dbf3ef7b3ff503.jpeg

Now everyone’s privacy is protected. Viewing of annoying Ads has been put to bed with the introduction of privacy respecting Ads. Where Publishers and users or viewers gets to be paid for advertising and viewing of the ads so it is a win win situation both for the advertiser, user and publisher.

For now, there are ober 13 million downloads of the brave Browser and hundreds of thousands of individuals benefitting on the browsers utility token.

Brave Browser, dare to do.

To get in on the fan and to own some BAT for free without any investment, then Download the Brave Browser here. Download the Brave Browser here.

Brave Browser Referral Rewards

Brave Browser $7.5 USD Per Referral, Step-Step Claim 20-40 BAT Tokens Free 😎💰

1. Download Brave and sign up: Brave Browser

2. Make Brave the default browser on your Android/ IOS phone. 

3. Use Brave browser every day

4. Go to: chrome://flags

5. Search for "Rewards" 

6. Enabled Rewards and Claim Rewards 💰

Happy Earning 😎

See you in my next article!!! 

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