$7,000 Up For Grabs In Cryptotab Browser Competition. Join Now

$7,000 Up For Grabs In Cryptotab Browser Competition. Join Now

By Dominus1 | My News Gh | 17 May 2020

c4cb4cbaed01db949bf248ab870721d99088a7b4cc032199c31bb89e2ef09eee.jpegCryptotab Browser has organized an exciting program to reward it miners on their app.

Cryptotab is a browser that let you mine bitcoins while you serve the web. There are two types of Cryptotab Browser. They are Cryptotab Browser and Cryptotab Browser PRO. The PRO is a paid version which mines faster than 5he normal one.

Cryptotab does not make your PC or phone slow, it only take a small portion of your CPU to mine.


Don't think of Cryptotab as a scam because they always pay. They are the only Browser that let you browse and mine BTC at the same time.

All your invites automatically becomes part of your team as you earn a bonuses and theyautoma5 form part of your metric table or tree

The contest runs for a month and Cryptotab Browser will award winners who were able to recruit more people.

9ce7fea7e707edc9a6a8e85dcf9a8df04e1aa482dd31cea678783d763032c1f9.jpegReferers can also stake a claim for some of the awards by recruiting as many people as they can.

To be a part of this amazing competition,

Just Click on me and download this amazing Browser.

DownloadCryptotab Browser and mine your own BTC.

The browser can both be used on your Android phone, iOS and PC both at home and at work.

The current BTC price stands at $9,535.49 and it won't be long to reach the $10,000 which it had attained twice.

BTC signals shows that bitcoin is preparing for a long push or bull run in the coming days.

Download Cryptotab Browser here


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