ATOS - Day #2 - Up at least when my crypto is down

Hey everyone! This is one of those days that I just don't look at my cryptoverse portfolio. My strategy is generally to BUY AND HOLD because I believe in the fundamentals of the projects - ADA and MATIC are perfect examples of those (IMHO). This is still the Wild West and no one should try and convince others that they have the answers. THIS IS ALL BRAND NEW. There are no existing analogies or comparisons. The best we can do is the stock market, but that is not a true comparison because these crypto projects are just beginning. Until there is more mass adoption and a clearer regulatory picture, we will have to expect these drops.

SO...this is why, for my own sanity, I NEED to have a balanced portfolio. I would be going crazy if I had a ton in crypto. What helps me sleep is just a feeling of balance. I'm not a pump and dump guy and do your own research always, but there are some pretty cool opportunities out there. ATOS is just one of them that happens to be a really good cause. Plus, it's up today so I will take it!

Just live your best lives and please don't panic sell. We will be fine.


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My New Passion - Crypto - BTC, ETH, ADA, Oh My!
My New Passion - Crypto - BTC, ETH, ADA, Oh My!

Life is about perspectives and how you choose to see the world. The pandemic has been awful for so many...but opportunities arises out of hardship. I lost my job at DLA Piper - second biggest firm in the world - during the pandemic. Sucked, however, it did give me TIME. Time to read, time to think, time for many things I wouldn't have had on my normal robotic path as a corporate lawyer. I discovered the world of crypto during that time and now I'm hooked.

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