My 2019: The last Showcase Weekend 2019 - "Posts from the Grave"

My 2019: The last Showcase Weekend 2019 - "Posts from the Grave"




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You should only make a publication where you show us your 3 best works of the year, to which hadn´t been given all the recognition these deserve.

Here I leave the link for you to find out the rules of the contest.

"CONTEST! | My 2019: The last 2019 Showcase Weekend | Hundreds of Steem in Prizes"

My 2019

My year 2019 was of total delivery to the project that together with my dear partner @crypto.piotr and another group of friends we have been carrying out since 2018. I refer to @project.hope. With this initiative we have been able to form a small community that has managed to help many new Steemit users grow.

Those who know me a little know that one of my great passions is music. I love making musical compositions, both my own and versions of other artists.
Within my musical style the rhythm of Reggae and Ska predominates, although I also like rock a lot.

Here I show you three of my musical productions of the year 2019 in which I put all my passion, but that did not receive the recognition that I wanted.

"Steemit Open Mic (Micrófono abierto) Semana 121 – HOMBRES G - (Cover)"

Hombres G is a 80s Spanish band that marked my youth. I always sang his songs with my friends accompanied by my inseparable guitar.
Since I developed a taste for Reggae music, then I decided to make a version of this theme "Te Quiero" by Hombres G, acoustic reggae version. I added a lot of natural percussion, OMG! I really remember that I had a lot of fun doing this audiovisual production.

"Steemit OpenMic Semana 120 - "Dejo Ángeles Atrás" (Tema Original) // Steemit OpenMic Week 120 - "Leaving Angels Behind Me" (Original Song)"

Wow! I see myself in this video and I am surprised.

I sang that song well !!! LOL...

Seriously, this song is my own, I composed it 30 years ago when I was barely a 16-year-old teenager (you can calculate my age), the lyrics are pure poetry, I love it.
I have recorded it in different versions, but for me, this is the one that transmits more sentiment and energy.
I hope you like it.

"Steemit Open Mic (Micrófono abierto) Semana 137 – Confesión - King Changó (Cover)"


King Changó is one of my favorite Venezuelan Ska bands.
Together with Desorden Público, they form the highest stand of this genre in my country.
Unfortunately a couple of years ago the main vocalist "Blanquito Man" died and this band practically disappeared.
As a tribute I made this version of one of his greatest hits "Confession". This time I changed the rhythm, but always respecting the original structure and cadence.

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Juan Molina
Juan Molina

I'm passionate about everything related to Crypto and Blockchain

My Music: Originals and Covers
My Music: Originals and Covers

I am an amateur musician. I like to create audiovisual productions of my Original songs. I also do covers. In My Musical Styles, Caribbean sounds, Ska, Reggae, Son predominate. But I also enjoy rock.

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