What Time Did The World End?

By Quill7 | Book of Living Poetry | 4 Apr 2022


At What Time Did The World End??

Who's to say whose fault it was or does it even matter?

Prickly Pins; each step our claim yet we Tip-Toed strong,

Parting pathways with prescribed endurance fast and steady 

we ascended pressabus's ladder.

Admiration for the thought of love, tho for most, the action will be lacking

remember her, remember him, 

remember when your perfect day gently blew their soft fragrance 

to caress your whims.

In such a crazy storm, as it is this life, in their eyes resides Heaven,

Tell me why we crave disaster?

So desperate to "Be" Yet ignorant of our "Needs" 

We each had tone and the will to speak, but Fear crippled your "WILL"

Did you let your words become weak?

  Power in words since the days Jobe, Stories of guidance, thousands of years old!

Stand Fast, your name is all that you OWN, as a semblance of the life that 

you might think you had known, No matter what your ideals,

at either gate it is all they will call.

At what time did your world end?

Do you still wish to place the blame on the empty TV screen?

Perhaps it was that mentor that you missed thus he could not teach?

A clever rouse our minds conclude when out-loud our lies confront our truths.

Convictionless words can rowdy a herd as quick as a thief 

no doubt

feels they rightly deserve. The absence of discipline will keep them from bloom.

My world ended at the hilt of a joke. I lost a fortune and no one would help.

As funny to them as it may have seemed, for one-thousand days my heart was cold and weak.

my flame now solely and only resides within me.

 Another of my sages has departed. 

This time I said farewell for I had felt the emotions, that for him 

would have delivered the pain to kill.

Life and Sin, Sin to awake that feeling we live. Hold these moments close to your Kin 

For Only when your forced out and alone, at least for me 

That was when my world did end.



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Book of Living Poetry
Book of Living Poetry

I wanted to dedicate a page to poetry and sonnets , I was inspired by life and the betrayal of friends and family yet through the pain I found what I was made of and I am both happy and sad.

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