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Hi there,

Here is a useful list of 5 Cryptocurrency apps to get started collecting crypto and tokens..

All 5 apps and links are 100% legit!! 


1. Coinbase learn and earn there is a possible $160 to be earned from watching videos and answering questions about them videos, KYC is required and you can buy sell through bank account, PayPal and others... Here is my link.

2. Atomic wallet app offer $10 awc for sign up and a further $5 awc for invites which this can be used for in app staking along with other stakeable coins in quite like this app. 

Download secure Atomic Wallet and get 15 $AWC Bonus:

3. Kucoin. I have found the easiest trading platform for me is kucoin, it maybe because I have spent more time on this app trading while using coinbase to hold my eth and btc, anyway there is a bonus in app check in where you can collect 50 kucoin candies a day and 100 on the 7th consecutive day they have it all a holding account, trading account, margin account, contracts account and a poolx account all in one app and coins are easily transfered between accounts plus there is a borrow/lend service which comes in handy to catch the dip when short on funds. KYC is required. Here is my link

4. TrustWallet app this is a useful app to store and hold you coins and tokens, there is a few coins that can be staked on this wallet app but I strictly use this to store crypto from social media etc.


5. Celcius Newtork is a very very interesting app that accumulates profit while you hold coins in there app within your wallet, this is a really good investment and I would highly recommend and also I'm going to post a full review on Celsius in due days. Stay turned for that. Anyway here is my link. 

Join Celsius Network using my referral code 156959d2db when signing up and earn $20 in BTC with your first deposit of $200 or more! #UnbankYourself


Thank you for taking a look at my list, this is my first post on publish0x so I've kept it short and simple for now. Again thanks for reading and feel free to leave a comment! 







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The Crypto Informer
The Crypto Informer

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My list off crypto app invites
My list off crypto app invites

I have a list of apps useful for bigginers starting in crypto looking for a quid earner way to gain crypto to trade also a few extra apps that could come in handy.

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