Sad moment for football today in Greece


Today should have been a beautiful match day for AEK fans...

From those summer moments with the European games, when you can't wait to be at the stadium or look for the island where you will watch the match.

Today they should be waking up and reading about Almeida's plans, instead of looking at images of mourning, lit candles and horror videos.

Today. Somewhere else.

Not here, where the toxicity - relentlessly invested in media and journalists who are now "shocked" - meets a state that lets a phalanx cross half the country through its main artery, get on the electric train armed and go to war.

Not here.

Somewhere else...

  • Heartfelt condolences to the victim's family. Let it be the last.

  • They crossed a whole country. Borders, tolls, armed.. they moved within the city, etc. Why don't you stop them???? How crazy are you???

  • With a public apology, you rulers of the 41%, will you remove it again???

  • Staff state??? I can't even laugh at what you say... shame.


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