Quarantine in Greece day #54

Quarantine in Greece day #54

New campaign today from our government, new logo and new message ...... no more stay at home , now the official government logo says “we stay safe” .
First day of less lockdown measures and not so many differences from yesterday , I think the situation will go slow and that’s for me the right way . Step by step to stay away from problems and difficult situations again

6 new infections today in Greece and the total number now is 2632
2 people died at last 24 hours increasing the number of deaths from coronavirus at 146
35 people is at Er due more serious infection and need breathing support.

We just start a difficult and unknown 15 days trial to see how tha things will go with less lockdown measures, if the things and numbers going well the lockdown will leaving more and more from our life’s , if we see increasing at new infections the lockdown will come back and we have to start all over again .

The clock is ticking, stay safe and healthy my friends, greetings from Greece

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My life with multiple sclerosis

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