Foodbook #540 rice and leek pilaf

Foodbook #540 rice and leek pilaf


Good morning, something healthy for today , to stay fit and active, let’s do this


4 large leeks or more smaller
1 large onion
1 cup of rice (I prefer the yellow so that it does not become young)
2 tablespoons tomato paste or concentrated juice (more than two tablespoons)
some oil
lemon for serving
salt, pepper or a vegetable cube BIO or handmade


Put oil in a saucepan or large pan (I put a little).
Chop our onion and sauté it over medium heat until it becomes transparent.
We clean the leeks. I cut it almost in half and kept the whole white part and as tender as it was from the green part.
Cut the leeks into pieces of about 2 cm. I cut the halves like this (in thick slices) and cut the halves lengthwise and then into pieces because I was afraid that my children would not like the slices.
Add the leeks and sauté them for a while.
Add a little water and let the leeks soften a bit (5-10 minutes), while adding the tomato and the cube or salt and pepper. I also added herbs (dried celery, chives, etc.).
After boiling a little, add the rice. Add water and let it boil as much as you want.
Extinguish the food and remove from the heat.
Serve it with a lemon that goes well with it

Enjoy this full of vitamins food

Stay safe and healthy my friends and take care of your people.

My best wishes from Greece


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My life with multiple sclerosis

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