Foodbook #506 Crispy calamari

Foodbook #506 Crispy calamari


Good morning my friends, one of my favorite and fast foods for today without many or expensive ingredients, let’s create this


Squid fresh or frozen
seed oil for frying


Defrost our squid if they are frozen.
We clean them, if they are whole, as follows: we cut the tentacles and remove their mouth and eyes. If we pull the tentacles, the entrails that we throw away are removed with them. We also remove the gelatinous central "bone" from inside them. Divide them into slices. If they are small we can fry them whole. Wash them well and leave them in a colander to drain.
Put plenty of oil in a deep frying pan or fryer and let it burn very well. The oil should cover a layer of squid.
In a nylon bag (be careful not to punch holes) or in a poly bag, put enough flour, take a few squid and put them inside. Close the bag and "beat" the flour with the squid until they are well floured inside and out.
After the oil burns well, shake the excess flour from the squid and put them little by little (not much together because the temperature of the oil will "fall") in the hot oil. If we have used a pan, we start turning them in a minute from the moment they entered the hot oil. If we have a fryer, we leave them as they are. (preferably in a deep frying pan or fryer, to be covered with oil). Repeat the process in portions with the rest of the squid, leaving the oil to burn well again before the next dose).
The total frying time should not exceed two-three minutes (2-3 l) with the clock. As soon as they get a golden yellow color they are ready. DO NOT LEAVE THEM FOR ANY MINUTE MORE.
Remove the squid with a slotted spoon, place them on kitchen paper to drain the excess oils and salt them. We never salt them before we fry them because with salt they will "tighten".
Let the oil burn again and add the rest. Serve hot and pour lemon juice over them. Attention: We add the lemon juice at the time of serving and not earlier because they will "wither".
Finally: The secret for squid, soft inside and crispy crust on the outside, is basically the time of frying or baking. It is also the hot oil and salt at the end of frying and not before frying. Also put the squid little by little in the hot oil so that the temperature of the oil does not "fall".

Stay safe and healthy my friends and take care of your people

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